How do you make wine dumplings to taste good? The recipe of talent is open to the public! Wine is nourishing and versatile, both sweet and salty

Published: 2024-06-20 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/06/20, How do you make wine dumplings to taste good? The recipe of talent is open to the public! Wine is nourishing and versatile, both sweet and salty


Next Monday will be the Winter Solstice in the year of the Boxer Rat, which is the shortest day and longest night of the year. According to folk customs, eating the Winter Solstice Yuan will grow one year old. after the entrance of tangyuan, which symbolizes reunion, the pace of the Lunar New year is also close.

If eating tangyuan alone is too monotonous, match it with its Maji good friend ── wine! Wine-brewed glutinous rice dumplings are the most popular food for the Winter Solstice. Apart from central and southern Taiwan, the Winter Solstice is particularly cold this year. Throw away the warm bag and have a bowl of hot wine-brewed glutinous rice dumplings. Everyone is full of spirit and spirit to welcome the arrival of the year of the Ox.

The Winter Solstice comes to a bowl of wine to brew tangyuan, which nourishes the scene (Photography / Yang Yuyun). Wine is a warm tonic. Chinese medicine practitioner: healthy people can eat every day.

In the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, wine is sweet and warm, which can invigorate blood circulation and replenish qi. From the point of view of nutritional science, wine can promote blood circulation and accelerate metabolism because it contains alcohol.

Wu Honggan, a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner, says that rice wine and glutinous rice are both warm ingredients and each has its own functions. after making wine, it is more beneficial to the human body because of the effect of more enzymes. "apart from the fact that the lungs, liver and kidneys need enzymes to help them, the digestive system needs it even more." Wu Honggan said that the pH of the wine is about pH4, which is suitable for the survival of intestinal probiotics, and the effect is similar to that of probiotics, so many people will feel smooth defecation after eating the wine, and it is not too much to say that it is "Oriental yogurt."

Although wine is the right food for the occasion, Wu Honggan says it doesn't matter if healthy people eat it every day. In the morning, boiled eggs for breakfast will be full of vitality throughout the day; heating wine before going to bed can not only promote blood circulation and sleep, but also greatly improve the cold hands and feet of girls in winter. If you are worried about too many calories, do not add extra sugar, and do not exceed 30-50 grams a day.

Wu Honggan also mentioned that some wines are made of purple rice with glutinous rice. Purple rice is rich in anthocyanins and iron with antioxidant functions. Eating purple rice wine during the menstrual period can recuperate the body and relieve discomfort.

Wine can be used as dessert, or you can eat instead of wine and sugar (Photo / Yang Yuyun) to make dumplings by yourself, adding quintessence for more flexibility.

If you are worried that wine dumplings on the market are mixed with artificial additives, why not try to do it yourself? Hu Juanjuan (Carol Free Life), a well-known blogger who has accumulated 300 million views, personally demonstrated how to make wine and dumplings for "upstream and downstream" readers. She said that her mother would cook wine and eggs for her as soon as the weather got cold. Mother Hu often said that when she was a child, her family was not well-off. If her mother (Hu Juanjuan's grandmother) boiled wine to make eggs, the father of the family must have eaten the eggs, and she would be satisfied if she could get a little bit of egg flowers.

Wine is a tonic for the poor, and glutinous rice dumplings are nostalgic sweetness. In the past, every household would make them by themselves, but now they have to go to specific stores to buy them. Hu Juanjuan lamented the changes of the times while demonstrating the practice of tangyuan.

Add 100g glutinous rice flour to warm water of 80ml, mix well and form a ball. First, press about 1thumb 5 to form a round cake, place it in boiling hot water, remove and drain when the cake floats, and mix well with the original flour (if it is too sticky, add a little glutinous rice flour).

This cooked dough cake is the "quintessence", says Hu Juanjuan. with this step, dumplings will be more flexible. However, it should be noted that you must mix and knead it in the noodle ball when it is hot, otherwise the cold essence is very stubborn and is unwilling to make friends with the powder ball.

You can also mix some of the noodles into red rice dumplings to make red dumplings. Red rice balls should be added slowly to bring out the color you like. She reminded everyone that the color of red rice dumplings will become darker when put into the pot, and there is no need to over-adjust the color of cornflour balls.

Next, just knead the powder into strips, then divide it into cubes and rub it round, and you can prepare to put it into a pot. Hu Juanjuan suggested that you can call on the whole family to rub dumplings together, which is also a good memory of her childhood cooking with her grandmother and mother.