Pioneer of organic cultivation, Xinyi herbal fruit orchard

Published: 2024-06-16 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/06/16, Pioneer of organic cultivation, Xinyi herbal fruit orchard

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Xinyi Herbal Fruit Orchard is located in the Chuqi hilly area of Chiayi. Huang Hsin-Yi, the owner of the garden, has had many physical problems since childhood, and was complained by his father that "making money is not enough for you to buy medicine." in addition, long-term allergy, love, poor spirit and other side effects caused by Western medicine, so they started to self-study traditional Chinese medicine in order to treat themselves, and took part in the special examination of traditional Chinese medicine, realizing that "herbs are used to save people" and planting organic herbs.

Along with Xinyi, Uncle Xinyi visited his park, which was wild and wide and full of treasures. In the middle of the walk, there are often bean vines on the head, herbs under the feet, or fruits above and vegetables below, or under the seemingly dry and messy weeds. There are many Pueraria lobata crops known as "gastrointestinal scavengers".

There are countless herbs in the garden, including Herba Houttuyniae, Ganoderma lucidum, Indian basil, Artemisia argyi. Because Xinyi Abel has the background of traditional Chinese medicine, according to the four seasons, he can dry these natural gifts into season-limited tea bags, foot bath bags, and Herb juice, who combines a dozen kinds of herbs to boil and taste sweet annealing. For him, the herb garden uses natural organic materials and environmentally friendly planting methods, so that people can rely on natural crops for a whole year. He stressed that the crops planted are not for medical treatment, but for health preservation. Nature is energetic, so Herb juice produced does not need a secret recipe to be effective. Abel feels the land from the bottom of his heart, adapts to the land, heals from his own work, and is deeply proud of it.

The biggest challenge for the first generation of organic farmers is the wife?!

Curious Xinyi, as a first-generation organic farmer, what was the biggest challenge at a time when the environment was not familiar with the concept of friendly planting? "it's my wife! The most unacceptable thing is my wife, who once said,'if you want to do this kind of non-recycling, don't do it at all!'"

Uncle recalled that his wife had to take care of housework and farm work at the same time, and the days were very hard, so he did not approve of organic planting, so the couple quarreled constantly, so Xinyi Abel turned to preach to his four children, explaining his original intention of insisting on organic farming. I hope to at least take care of the health of myself and my family, and indirectly take care of consumers and the environment, and the four children understand that their father is good only if he is poor. After the mentality of "reaching and improving the world", we advised my mother that my mother's rebound was smaller.

The aunt, who laughs that her child's words are more effective than her husband, argues that in the first few years, watching the mountain of mandarin and willow die helplessly, "my heart, if you want to support your family, there is really no way to do so." Fortunately, only the youngest son was still studying at that time, and the other three children had already gone out of social work. Thinking that the financial burden had been slightly relieved, let's follow my husband's philosophy, "at least be healthy and eat at ease."

Aunt Rujing, who had been poisoned by pesticides, also understood the idea behind her husband's insistence on action. If you cross the hurdle of your wife, you still have to face the low recovery in the early stage of the organic transformation. Xinyi uncle has the mentality of "donating to the environment if it's bad." No desire makes sense. "when you go to work, you have to do what you have to do to support your family. Now that you are old, you are willing to do something meaningful."

Ten years of friendly planting to restore the ecological balance of land

The most exciting thing is that after a decade of adaptation, the land has gradually returned to a state close to ecological balance. When people from the agricultural improvement farm came to sample soil to measure organic matter, Xinyi Abboyuan's soil got a high standard score of 5% of organic matter, which is much higher than the general 2%. "adhere to it for many years, now it is really possible to use no organic fertilizer." Uncle is full of confidence in his own crops, saying that the good fruit he recognizes is not sweetened or deacified by chemical fertilizers, but should have a natural original taste. "if only care about whether the fruit is sweet or not, then I would like to eat sugar!" Uncle's explanation is extremely straightforward.

Xinyi uncle was tidying up in the garden and was hooked by branches to the side of long-winged beans and said, "those who burn kilns eat missing corners and those who work for farmers eat ugly vegetables." When I think of many friendly farmers who cooperate, they probably feel this way. Their own vegetables are like babies raised with one hand. Even if they don't look good, they also know that they are good children who grew up in a good environment. They would rather eat than lose.

Hand-made all the year round in exchange for natural and friendly food

Everything in the Xinyi herb orchard depends on manpower and craftsmanship. the couple always have endless work and branches from morning to night every day. Herb juice alone will spend most of the day from collecting herbs in the morning to cooking. However, Herb juice, who adopts and adjusts the formula according to the season, has made a reputation. In addition to setting up stalls in the local market in Chiayi, there are also house matching orders from Tzu Chi and other units. Partners of the Rihe Foundation also praised Herb juice for relieving inflammation of his gums, which had been painful for many days.