Can hydroponic flowers be cultivated in families?

Published: 2024-07-13 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/07/13, Can hydroponic flowers be cultivated in families?

Hydroponic flowers, labor-saving, water-saving, fertilizer-saving, but also clean and sanitary, but also has a better decorative effect, then I will share it with you below.

Can hydroponic flowers be cultivated in families? the detailed analysis is as follows:

Hydroponic flowers should choose plants with beautiful stem and leaf shape, shade tolerance, air drying resistance, adventitious roots, not easy to be harmed by diseases and insects, small plant shape, easy to manage and strong decoration. Such as one-leaf orchid, hanging orchid, rich bamboo, flower and leaf taro, green apple, silver star begonia, turtle back bamboo, Zhu Dinghong, dry umbrella grass, Guangdong evergreen, ferns and so on.

Hydroponic flowers, you can use tap water, need to strengthen the fixed object, you can add some pebbles and coarse sand in the water. Be careful not to add fertilizer before taking root, and to apply less fertilizer to plants that have already taken root. The fertilizer of hydroponic flowers is a kind of all-nutrient nutrient solution, which is made up of a variety of chemical substances. This nutrient solution can be bought in the flower market. Families have no conditions and there is no need to prepare it themselves.

Hydroponic flowers change water, generally 3-5 days in summer, about once a week in spring and autumn, and 2-3 weeks in winter. The water in the container has evaporated and should be added in time. When changing water, wash away the mucus from the roots and cut off the rotten roots and yellow leaves.

Hydroponic flowers should have a certain amount of light. If there is not enough light, the leaves will turn yellow and their growth will be weakened.