Photoelectric advances Jackie Chan Wetland 03 "High rents encourage people. How can villagers believe that one day the wetland can revitalize Jackie Chan Village?"

Published: 2024-06-20 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/06/20, Photoelectric advances Jackie Chan Wetland 03 "High rents encourage people. How can villagers believe that one day the wetland can revitalize Jackie Chan Village?"

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(continue the previous article) it is not easy for Jackie Chan community residents to gradually consolidate the vision of coexistence and co-prosperity with wetlands, but in recent years, optoelectronic crime sites have been developed one after another around the village, and people have begun to float. "I can't help it. I can make a profit and flock to it." The Senior Citizen's Day in the community shows the wait-and-see mood of the villagers.

Since the Council of Agriculture announced in 2015 that the two areas around Jackie Chan Wetland were "unfavorable farming areas" for optoelectronic development, Jackie Chan Community and Guanshu Foundation continued to complain to the Council of Agriculture that some land around Jackie Chan Wetland was successfully excluded from the photoelectric "unfavorable farming area" in 2018. This incident has caused some villagers who are looking forward to the development of optoelectronics to think that wetland conservationists are getting in the way, resulting in the inability of optoelectronic development. More and more suspicions have gradually led to cracks in the originally United villages.

A surface photoelectric crime site has been developed in the rear of Jackie Chan Primary School. (provided by conservationists) people's hearts fluctuate, photoelectric high rent challenges the vision of wetland conservation

At present, piles are being filled around the wetlands on the north side of the Taiwan 61 line, rooftop fishing and electricity symbiosis sites are being built, and surface photovoltaic panels have also been built on the north side of Jackie Chan Primary School. Land brokers are becoming more and more active in local activities, lobbying landlords to lease their land to photovoltaics merchants, while other community cadres are still actively persuading wait-and-see landlords to switch to ecological compensation for wetlands instead of renting photovoltaics. The two kinds of development compete with each other, and some people even express their support for the development of photovoltaics directly at public meetings, and the community cadres who vaguely have something to do with wetland conservation are beginning to smell of gunpowder.

The villagers know that after taking the land for photovoltaics, they can get a much higher rent than the wetland ecological compensation. "the change of heart is slow, but it is fast to sink." Tian Rifan said that the development of reality is difficult to violate human nature.

"in the past, when Jackie Chan wetland was not famous, some people would come to the wetland to steal and dump waste. His car fight rose for less than three minutes, and our community is going to mobilize everyone to clean up all afternoon. " He remembered that the community had come all the way to protect the wetlands. Although it was very hard, everyone enjoyed it.

Tian Rifan sighed, "some people want to build a leather factory and some people want to build a crematorium, but we have blocked them." Now there is a breach in the lid optoelectronics, and if more and more developments are not in line with conservation purposes in the future, Jackie Chan wetland will lose its original value. "

What discourages Tian Ri is that in the past, private development threatened wetlands, but now it is the government's policy. With a large painting of "unfavorable farming areas," abandoned land can be built with photovoltaics. In the past, he went around advocating that villagers would join in ecological compensation, saying, "this wetland will make our village better," but I don't know if it can restore the hearts and minds of the people.

Villagers who believe in the vision of wetland conservation work together to build wooden bridges, but the photoelectric invasion is mind-boggling. (courtesy of Tian Rifan) Council of Agriculture: "permissible use" falls within the jurisdiction of the local government.

At present, in the fishery and electricity symbiosis field under construction, manufacturers have released their goodwill to communicate with wetland conservationists, but the photoelectric threat is not just that. how many development projects are still being applied for nearby?. It has become an urgent problem for Jackie Chan community and conservationists. But this question has not been answered accurately from the local government to the central government.

The Council of Agriculture has designated 38 "unfavorable farming areas" in Taiwan that can be equipped with photovoltaics, of which areas 11 and 12 (hereinafter referred to as area An and area B) are located in the Jackie Chan wetland. In 2018, after Jackie Chan Community and the Tree viewing Foundation made representations, the Council of Agriculture excluded area An and narrowed the scope of area B.

At that time, the official document deleted by the Council of Agriculture in area A was accompanied by a proviso. In order to protect the rights and interests of legitimate applicants, from the announcement date (March 16) to May 15, the effective date, applications for the development of surface photovoltaics based on "unfavorable farming areas" can still be accepted by the county government.

According to the press release of the Council of Agriculture, before the deadline for the announcement, those who are not employed in area An apply for development through the "unfavorable farming area". However, when the reporter asked the Council of Agriculture recently, the answer was not so certain. Wang Yuzhen, deputy director of the Planning Office, said that when there was a dispute over zoning A, there were indeed some old cases waiting to be dealt with.

Wang Yuzhen points out that the main reason for the exclusion of area An is that the farmers in the area have expressed their feelings and are removed in order to retain the production and culture function of the area, not entirely for the conservation of Jackie Chan wetlands. If an operator sends a piece into the county government before the effective date of the announcement, the legal right to apply for development must be maintained on the basis of the "trust protection principle".

Recently, the photoelectric field on the north side of the wetland in area An is not surface photovoltaic, but develops roof-type fishing and electricity symbiosis in the name of "permissible use license" of agricultural facilities. Wang Yu-Chen explains that operators first apply for permission to use it. "only when there are facts about farming can we combine green energy facilities." And "allow use" is to directly authorize the county government to examine and verify.