This episode is hot-blooded! "Twelve Nights 2" calls for an end to the sad songs of homeless and hairy children, seeing hope in the change of people.

Published: 2024-06-24 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/06/24, This episode is hot-blooded! "Twelve Nights 2" calls for an end to the sad songs of homeless and hairy children, seeing hope in the change of people.


There is a sequel to Twelve Nights, and director Raye promised that this episode will not cry! "Twelve Nights 2" is now a hit in Taiwan, but at present, the box office of "12 Nights 2" is only 1/10 of the first episode. Raye calls on people to go to the cinema to support it. The problem of stray animals requires everyone's efforts.

Seven years ago, the movie "Twelve Nights" was released, which set off a wave of attention to stray animals in China, followed by the revision of the Animal Protection Law the following year, and the full "Zero euthanasia" in 2017. However, the "zero euthanasia" policy has not fundamentally improved the problem of stray animals. On the contrary, it has resulted in full shelters in various parts of the country and physical and mental exhaustion of front-line personnel.

Raye believes that if we want to solve the problem of stray animals, we must raise the awareness of our countrymen, so we filmed Twelve Nights 2: back to Day Zero, which shows the overloading of shelters in various places, and non-governmental groups call on volunteers to go to the countryside to sterilize, and urge people to remember that when raising animals, they should remember to "adopt instead of buying, ligating and not feeding stray animals at will."

The release of "Twelve Nights" has caused widespread repercussions, but the problem of stray animals has not been completely solved. Director Raye released "Animal Protection Law" after the release of the first episode of "Twelve Nights 2" this year, resulting in a large number of shelters.

When the movie Twelve Nights was released in 2013, stray animals were euthanized only 12 days after they arrived at the shelter, shocking people. At the end of December 24, 2014, the Legislative Yuan reached a consensus through consultation on the draft amendment to the Animal Protection Law, banning euthanasia in stray animal shelters across Taiwan, and drawing up a "sunrise clause," which is scheduled to be implemented two years after the amendment is passed. Full "zero euthanasia" from 2017 at the earliest.

However, zero euthanasia prolongs the lives of stray animals, but does not improve the environment of the shelter. The policy has been on the road for nearly four years. Last year, the number of animals accepted in the country was only 48164, while the number of adopted animals was only 30501. Animal shelters everywhere are "full." this phenomenon is caused by the lack of supporting measures for "zero euthanasia", the unclear definition of owner responsibility, the low ligation rate of hairy children in China, and so on.

"the problem has not been solved, and I am really not reconciled to the attitude of the competent authorities, so it is all the more necessary to present the problem." Director Raye said that after the release of Twelve Nights, there were a lot of domestic topics, but the draft amended by the Legislative Yuan was just an empty shell with no matching, which was not conducive to improving the current situation of stray animals and shelters, thus giving rise to the idea of filming a second episode.