Ecological state banquet 02 "Fangyuan wetland stew rice, Zhuoshuixi mother porridge, Sedek balai chicken, surging ecological New year dishes to eat!"

Published: 2024-05-18 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/05/18, Ecological state banquet 02 "Fangyuan wetland stew rice, Zhuoshuixi mother porridge, Sedek balai chicken, surging ecological New year dishes to eat!"


The "Taiwan Ecological Chef Project" initiated by Wu Xiujuan and Ma Aiyun has been 3 years up to now. Last week, a grand "ecological state banquet" was held, and the cooking works of various periods of ecological chefs were on the table one by one. Among them, three restaurants have produced New year dishes under the theme of ecological state banquet, so that consumers can not only feast their eyes, but also buy it home and share it with their families.

The three sets of ecological state banquet New year dishes are featured in Changhua, Yunlin and Nantou respectively. The restaurants in charge are Li Yiyan in the No. 1 Island Kitchen, Xiao Zhiyou, Chixin Folk Creative Cuisine, Chi Mu TAIKO and Xie Yide.

Changhua ecological state banquet New year dish: Fangyuan seaside stewed rice, made from red mouth, salt and hippocampal teeth of field farm, made by No. 1 island kitchen (photo / Lin Yijun) Changhua state banquet New year dish: recreate the vitality of Fangyuan coast

Li Yiyan, who is in charge of Changhua, takes the coast of Changhua Fangyuan as the theme during the course, making Western-style cuisine, including Fangyuan seaside stew, pasture directly delivering sheep back row, and cooked rose duck breast, all the ingredients are from Changhua.

"the inspiration for this stewed rice comes from the coast of Changhua Fangyuan." Li Yiyan visited the Changhua coast many times when he thought about it. He said that Hong Xinxing, a local farm, fought to preserve the coast of Fangyuan. "many people complained that Guoguang didn't come and there were fewer job opportunities. Brother Hong wanted to prove that agriculture can make money and farmland can protect the environment."

The famous local aquatic products are red mouth, salt and hippocampal teeth on the coast. The hippocampal teeth, which look a bit like rosemary, taste salty, intuitively reminiscent of coastal waves. Yanding and hippocampal teeth are both sand-fixing plants. Li Yiyan made salting and hippocampal teeth into a green sauce and used the black wetlands of Fangyuan to make black risotto, coupled with a red mouth, to make the stewed rice look like a beach.

Changhua State Banquet New year dishes are made by Li Yiyan in the No. 1 Island Kitchen (Photo / Lin Yijun)

Li Yiyan carried out the spirit of ecological chef and launched seasonal cooking of mountains, seas and wetlands in the store. He says that every time he goes to an ecological chef course, he is physically tired, but his mind is very rich. in the process, he feels that food can actually change a lot of things, and when the chef leaves the kitchen and walks into the place of origin, he is actually recharging. "I used the ingredients on the ground in the first place. But in the past, the chef did not think about the connection with the local area. It was only when he attended the course that he found that he was not alone and was more confident that he could stick to it."

Yunlin State Banquet New year dishes: the mother of Zhuoshuixi who feeds the land and the countryside

Xiao Zhiyou, the executive chef of Folk Creative Cuisine, who is in charge of the Yunlin state banquet, came up with the recycling agricultural crop "cattle, forage, carrots and rice" of the Dounan Peasant Association. Chinese cuisine is made: "mother of Zhuoshuixi", "old cattle eat spring onions" and "black garlic stewed black chicken". All the ingredients come from Yunlin.

The surging "Zhuoshuixi Mother" is made of Yueguang rice, carrots and potatoes from the Dounan Peasants' Association, and the main food is a large bowl of rice porridge for ten people. Xiao Zhiyou explained: "Zhuoshui River irrigates a lot of farmland and feeds many people, just like a mother feeds her child." Rice porridge used to be in rural society where mothers used to use "rice porridge" (pronounced similar to "Eminem", meaning rice soup) when feeding children who had not yet grown teeth, so rice porridge was loaded with all kinds of seasonal vegetables to present the land to feed sentient beings.

Mother of Zhuoshui Creek is made of Yueguang rice, potatoes and carrots from Dounan Peasants' Association, and produced by Dixin folk cuisine (Photo / Lin Yijun)

The most amazing of all Yunlin ingredients is Yunlin black garlic. "the flavor is too strong to forget." He made black garlic and Yunlin local black-bone chicken into soup, and the unique flavor pulled the chicken soup to a higher level. "Old cattle eat tender grass" is made from local beef cattle in Taiwan and local green onions in Yunlin. "the Dounan Peasant Association is so powerful that everything from rice and vegetables to animal products is of high quality, and cooperation will continue in the future."

Chanxin folk creative cuisine already uses local ingredients to make desktop cuisine. Hsiao Chih-you says that in the past, the work was all in the infield, and the guests or farmers were far away from them. the interaction in the process makes cooking no longer just work. "after participating, I often ask myself, 'what can I do for farmers?'" He said that chefs should not only have cooking skills, but should give back what they have learned to the community. He will continue to attend courses in the future, and he will continue to use local ingredients in the store, so that the cuisine can thoroughly interpret the origin.