Agricultural Control of Diseases and insect pests of Edible Fungi

Published: 2024-06-24 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/06/24, Agricultural Control of Diseases and insect pests of Edible Fungi

The prevention and control of edible fungus diseases and insect pests is very important, so do you know how to prevent and cure edible fungus virus diseases? Next, the editor will introduce the methods for you in detail to help you better grow edible fungi.

The prevention and control of diseases and insect pests of edible fungi should follow the policy of prevention first and supplement. First of all, from the agricultural prevention and control, in order to achieve twice the result with half the effort. There are the following agricultural prevention and control measures:

(1) changing stubble, rotation and cutting off the food source of diseases and insect pests. For the cultivation houses that have experienced serious diseases or insect pests, the same varieties should not be planted continuously to prevent the outbreak of the same diseases and pests and be difficult to control.

(2) the strains with strong disease resistance, strong vitality and high purity should be selected, and the varieties suitable for seasonal temperature should be selected when introducing excellent strains, so that the chance of infection of diseases and insect pests can be eliminated or reduced.

(3) keep the environment of the seed production place clean and dry. One of the important measures to improve the yield of bacteria is to keep the whole seed production place clean, dry, pollution-free bacteria bags, no stagnant water, unobstructed drains, and fresh and clean air and water sources. So the index of miscellaneous bacteria in the air is low.

(4) the same mushroom house, the same variety, sowing and producing mushrooms at the same time. Taking this measure is convenient for the management and prevention of diseases and insect pests. Under the condition of ensuring normal mushroom production, properly reducing the temperature in the mushroom room and increasing ventilation will help to reduce the living conditions of diseases and insect pests. After picking mushrooms, residual mushrooms, root cutting and contaminated bags should be made in time to keep the mushroom clean and reduce the breeding conditions of diseases and pests to a certain extent.