How to prevent yellow leaves on indoor flowers?

Published: 2024-05-18 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/05/18, How to prevent yellow leaves on indoor flowers?

Now people in cities like to grow flowers indoors, because they can give people a warm feeling, but there are always one or two yellow leaves on the flowers, so the flowers don't look so bright and colorful, how to prevent the yellow leaves on the indoor flowers? Here are five suggestions to recommend to you.

1. Controlled watering: after entering the house, the water transpiration of flowerpots and plant surfaces decreased because the space was not as open as outdoor space. If it is still watered as before, the rotten roots will be caused by the wet pot soil, and yellow leaves will appear on the flowers.

two。 Reduce fertilization: in autumn, most flowers change from vigorous growth to slow growth. After flowers enter the house, they will enter the stage of rapid growth due to the rise in temperature. However, the absorption of fertilizer is not as good as that in summer, so it is necessary to reduce or stop topdressing to prevent the plant from yellow leaves.

3. Environmental ventilation: the environment is closed, which will gradually increase the content of ethylene in the air, which leads to flower senescence. At this time, many flowers that are sensitive to ethylene are particularly prone to yellow leaves. Therefore, keeping good ventilation is one of the effective measures to prevent the yellow leaves of indoor flowers.

4. Adjust the light: some flowers that like strong light, such as rose and Fusang, will appear yellow leaves due to lack of light if they are placed in a shady place after entering the room. On the contrary, placing the bird's nest fern and tortoise bamboo in the place where the light is too strong will also cause the leaves to lose green and yellowing. The location of flowers in the room should also be adjusted reasonably.

5. Keep the right temperature: due to the uncomfortable ambient temperature, many flowers will also have yellow leaves, especially when the temperature difference between before and after entering the house is large. For example, if Milan and rhododendron are moved to the greenhouse when the outdoor temperature is about 5 ℃, because they do not pay attention to cooling, and the ambient temperature rises to about 25 ℃ during the day, the plant will soon have yellow leaves, and when this happens, it should also be prevented.

According to the above five suggestions, the yellow leaves on indoor flowers can be effectively controlled, thus making us look more colorful and give us a new visual experience.