Flower management which management is quite a lot?

Published: 2024-02-28 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/02/28, Flower management which management is quite a lot?

Flowers are plants that many friends like, and they grow more. Today, I would like to share with you which management of flowers and plants is quite a lot.

Flower management which management is quite a lot:

1. Promote growth. In the period of flower growth and development, foliar fertilizer was sprayed to promote plant growth and development and reduce yellow leaves and withered leaves.

two。 Control the growth. If the plant grows vigorously, the supply of excessive nutrients should be reduced, and Huawang No. 3 can also be sprayed to control crazy growth.

3. Induce blossom and bear fruit. Spraying African chrysanthemum and marigold with flower Zhuangtiling can promote flowering; when lilies growing in greenhouse, begonia, green chrysanthemum and marigold are sprayed with Zhuangtiling, the number of flower buds of begonia will be suppressed and reduced, while the number of flowering of emerald chrysanthemum and marigold will increase significantly.

4. Prevent diseases and insects from falling off. Spraying plant surface with commonly used targeted chemicals can play a role in the control of diseases and insect pests. Using the new high-fat membrane to moisturize the flowers and leaves evenly in the first 7 days of the flower market can reduce the natural shedding of flowers and hail leaves under high temperature and low illumination. Spraying with tree protection generals in the late autumn shoot growth season of young citrus trees can enhance the cold resistance and stress resistance of flower buds.