The simple Taste of Xinhu Village, Bao Zhong Township-Rural Spirit

Published: 2024-07-23 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/07/23, The simple Taste of Xinhu Village, Bao Zhong Township-Rural Spirit

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Praise Zhongxiang Xinhu Village's simple taste-rural spiritual life in the countryside, from the beginning of clues, slowly groping, slowly deep into the people, the more guidance will be produced, and if someone says: you can't see anyone in the countryside! Then the Nomi kid will tell everyone that it is because you used the wrong method, found the wrong place, and read the wrong time.

For example, when Nomi came to Wuxian Palace in Xinhu Village, he wanted to talk to the elders here and ask about the story of Xinhu Village. Many enthusiastic people and current village leaders all strongly recommended to Nomi the "old village head of Xinhu Village". Everyone said that the old village elder grew old, but he remembered the things and history of the village very clearly. When you come to New Lake, you must know that it is right to go to him.

So, after receiving such a command message, Nomi began to look for traces of the old village head in the village like a variety show, asking questions on the left and looking on the right. Finally, he found the old village head in the alley that had turned several corners. Xu Laojie, the 72-year-old head of Xinhu Village, has been the head of Xinhu Village since he was about 48 years old. he is the 16th-19th head of Xinhu Village (the current head is 21). He has always been loved by the villagers because of his amiable treatment and warm service. so he served as the village head for as long as 16 years.

At first, Nomi said hello to the village head, and with a timid heart, he began to worry about how to talk to the village head. Hey, hey, hey, This remark also made the elders laugh (so be grateful for the precious human touch in the countryside).

Then I talked with my elders about my childhood memories. Apart from longan seed and bamboo + Kuling seed, what is more special is that the elders of Xinhu Village will come to the pond in the summer, full of aquatic organisms, and the early water conservancy facilities are not perfect. Farming ponds are the best way to adjust, but the elders said: agricultural ponds also have a lot of fun, for example: children and children will help each other. Make a boat with layers of cloth bags and lotus, and then take a leisurely stroll in the pond to row. At that time, the ditch was very clear, and you often went to the ditch to touch clams and wash pants (actually for water pull!).

The elders told Nomi children that the most interesting thing was that in the past, everyone was the children of farmers, and every household had cattle. In the past, they would take them to the (Taiwan Sugar) farm to graze, and the older children would take the lead, and they had to go through a big ditch on the way. Some of the older children used to lead or ride (rice! Riding a cow), due to lack of height, younger children usually ride cattle across the ditch, and when they arrive at the farm, they begin to graze their cattle to graze. At this time, it is the children's lookout time, when the cattle graze, and the children play on the sidelines. Often I almost forgot to go home!