How to apply fertilizer to hydroponic flowers? How to fertilize hydroponic flowers?

Published: 2024-05-21 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/05/21, How to apply fertilizer to hydroponic flowers? How to fertilize hydroponic flowers?

Many people do not know to bring it, because it is often said that most of the nutrients of hydroponic flowers come from "water". In the early stage, they can change water every day, or every other day, and then change water regularly in the later stage. In fact, if you want to make hydroponic flowers grow more vigorously, you also need to apply fertilizer, so how should hydroponic flowers be fertilized? What kind of fertilizer should be applied? Today, I'm going to talk to you about the fertilization method of hydroponic flowers.

According to ordinary flowers, foliage plants are mainly nitrogen fertilizer, and then with appropriate phosphorus and potassium fertilizer; flowering plants are mainly phosphorus and potassium fertilizer, supplemented by nitrogen fertilizer, and control the amount of nitrogen fertilizer to prevent plant overgrowth.

Hydroponic flowers should strictly control the amount of fertilizer when fertilizing, because in hydroponic flowers, the fertilizer will be mixed into the water and touch the roots of the flowers. If there is too much fertilizer, it is easy to cause damage or even death to flowers.

The fattening degree of different kinds of flowers is different, and it must not be generalized. Hydroponic flowers still need to determine the intensity of fertilization according to the growth strength of plants. If hydroponic flowers are found to be unsuitable or have some adverse reactions due to fertilization, they should be stopped in time.

Once the fertilizer damage occurs, the rotten roots should be cut off in time, replaced with clean water and placed in a dark place for maintenance, change the water once a day, and check the roots of flowers, cut off the rotten roots in time, until the new roots germinate again, and then transfer to normal maintenance.

Do not apply urea directly into the water, because urea is a kind of artificial inorganic synthetic organic fertilizer, and hydroponics is cultivated under aseptic or few bacteria. if urea is applied directly, not only flowers can not absorb nutrients, but also some harmful or microorganisms propagate quickly and cause water pollution, and cause ammonia damage to flowers and cause flower poisoning.