A complete Collection of Agricultural Medicines commonly used in Flowers

Published: 2024-06-16 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/06/16, A complete Collection of Agricultural Medicines commonly used in Flowers

Farming flowers can make people happy and beautify the environment. Flowers are one of the important economic crops, but flower disease is one of the reasons affecting the economic value of flowers; when flowers occur disease, pesticides need to be applied to prevent diseases, so what are the commonly used flower fungicides, mainly to prevent and control which flower diseases, the following small series will answer one by one.

Flowers commonly used pesticide fungicides are sterile, chlorothalonil and triadimefon. The following small series will introduce which diseases of their main flowers one by one.

I. Xiaojunqing

Xiaojunqing is mainly used to control rose black spot disease, rose powdery mildew, rose dead branch disease, rose gray mold, rose root cancer disease, tulip blight, lily leaf blight, chrysanthemum mosaic disease, a string of red mosaic disease, lawn brown spot disease, lawn stem rot and a variety of root rot, stem rot and so on Xiaojunling can prevent and kill bacteria, but also has a strong ability to kill viruses, commonly used 50% Xiaojunling wettable powder 1000-2000 times liquid spray.

II. Chlorothalonil

Chlorothalonil is mainly used to control rose black spot, poplar black spot, chrysanthemum brown spot, peony brown spot, rubber tree anthracnose, clivia anthracnose, cherry brown spot perforation, etc.; 75% chlorothalonil WP is usually sprayed with 600-1000 times solution; it should be noted that chlorothalonil has certain irritation to human skin and eyes, and corresponding protective measures should be taken when using.


Triadimefon is a triazole fungicide with high efficiency, low toxicity, low residue, long duration and strong systemic absorption.

It is often used to control apple rust, poplar rust, chrysanthemum rust, grass rust, rose rust, rose powdery mildew, begonia powdery mildew, melon powdery mildew, ivy powdery mildew, etc. It can also control flower leaf blight, brown spot, leaf spot, etc.