Fishery and electricity symbiosis and rapid march, the first area to expand the territory to Gaoping 1289 hectares, fishermen's opinions are divided.

Published: 2024-05-21 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/05/21, Fishery and electricity symbiosis and rapid march, the first area to expand the territory to Gaoping 1289 hectares, fishermen's opinions are divided.

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Following the announcement on November 16 of the scope of the pilot zones for the co-existence of fisheries and electricity in Pui, Chiayi and Hsuehka, Tainan, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Council of Agriculture and the Ministry of the Interior held a non-stop briefing on the second batch of pilot zones for the co-existence of fisheries and electricity. Yesterday (17), they held a seminar in the countryside again. In the morning, Kaohsiung Field was held at the Mituo District Office, and in the afternoon, Pingtung Field was moved to the Chiatung Township Office.

Under the planning of the Council of Agriculture and the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the second batch of fish and electricity symbiosis pilot zones covers 622 hectares in Kaohsiung, accounting for 15% of the city's fish farm area, and 667 hectares in Pingtung, accounting for 14% of the county's aquaculture area. Following the method used in the first batch of projects in Tainan and Chiayi, after the first batch of projects has eliminated ecologically sensitive areas and protected species, the project can be announced directly without having to go through the environmental inspection procedures.

At the conference, most of the fishermen present expected that the co-existence of fishing and electricity would increase their income, but Kaohsiung fishermen hoped that the fishermen would develop the special zone independently, rather than leading the integration by photovoltaic operators. Pingtung fishermen also expressed their willingness to go from bottom to top. In addition, they also hoped that the government would assist in loan support and hope that Taiwan Electric would solve the problem of insufficient feeder lines.

But Chen Chung-min, director of the Linpien Fishery Association, a major farming town in Pingtung, is not optimistic. He believes that the farming environment in Linpien Chiatung is very intensive, especially with high unit prices for grouper and afternoon larvae as the main force. The investment time and cost are extremely high. At present, it is very difficult for young fishermen returning home to obtain land. Faced with the symbiosis of fishing and electricity, most farmers remain on the sidelines. The photovoltaic industry also feels that the attraction of fishing and electricity rents to Pingtung fishermen is not high.

Scope of Fishery and Electricity Symbiosis Pioneer Zone in Kaohsiung City (Photo Source/Ministry of Economic Affairs)

Pingtung's leading areas are concentrated in Jiadong and Fangliao (Photo Source/Ministry of Economic Affairs) Kaohsiung Fishermen: If fishing and electricity are to be developed, they should be developed from the bottom up, and fishermen should develop independently.

Yang Chih-ying, director-general of the Chiaung Farmers 'Association, who is also a fisherman, believes that the pilot zone is now planned from top to bottom. After the government opens the door to the special zone, the photovoltaic industry will enter the fishing village and integrate. Considering fishermen's independent wishes, we should open up a bottom-up way for fishermen to establish special zones independently. Lin Ziqing, director-general of the Mituo District Fishery Association, said that if fishermen in the leading area have the will, pipelines should be provided to be included together.

Lin Qinrong, vice mayor of Kaohsiung City, responded to this. Kaohsiung City has set up a green electricity group to provide a single window service. In the future, the local self-proposed fishing-electricity symbiosis zone will be developed by the green electricity group to promote the procedure.

High City Government: Fishery and electricity symbiosis is imperative, allowing the use of review will be lenient

Lin Qinrong also said that promoting fishing-electricity symbiosis is one of Mayor Chen Qimai's policies. It is imperative for Kaohsiung Culture Zone to promote fishing-electricity symbiosis to make up for the gaps in the past two years. In the future, the Kaohsiung City government will set up an inter-bureau green energy group to speed up assisting operators and fishermen in handling administrative procedures.

Fishermen at the scene also raised doubts: "Will the existing facilities such as workers 'shelters or equipment around the fish ponds hinder the use of inspections?" Lin Chinrong replied that he would deal with it pragmatically and leniently. He would never demolish illegal construction because of the fish farm application for setting up fishing-electricity symbiosis. If necessary, the Kaohsiung City government would issue an administrative order to solve the problem.