How to prevent flowers from freezing in winter?

Published: 2024-06-24 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/06/24, How to prevent flowers from freezing in winter?

In winter, the weather and climate is abnormal, both strong wind and rain and snow, the difficulty for flower seedling growers is how to prevent frost, if we do not do a good job of anti-freezing measures, it will cause flowers to die and wither. The following editor will discuss with you how to prevent winter flowers from freezing.

How to prevent flowers from freezing in winter.

1. Add mulch. At night, a small shed should be set up in the greenhouse and covered with straw curtains. Adding straw or straw around the greenhouse at night can increase the temperature by 1 ℃ to 2 ℃. Adding a thin layer on top of the original grass can increase the greenhouse temperature by 2 ℃ to 3 ℃. Covering the original grass grass with a film can not only block the wind, but also prevent rain and snow from wetting the grass, thus reducing the heat loss caused by water evaporation. The flowers planted on the ground can also be covered with plastic film, and the soil temperature can be increased by more than 1 ℃ after mulching.

2. Clean the greenhouse film. Cleaning the dust, dirt and snow on the greenhouse film in time can increase the light and raise the temperature of the greenhouse.

3. Dig cold prevention ditch. Digging trenches on the south side of the outside of the greenhouse, filling in horse dung, weeds, straw and spraying new high-fat film for heat preservation and anti-freezing can prevent the ground temperature from dissipating outward and increase the ground temperature in the south of the greenhouse.

4. Covered with three films. Spray new high-fat film on flowers to improve the heat preservation and anti-freezing ability of flowers, and build another film under the non-dripping film, because there is air between the two films, one film can protect flowers from freezing, which can obviously prevent flowers from freezing.

5. Timely disclosure. When the temperature conditions permit, uncover the late cover as early as possible to promote the photosynthesis of flowers.

6. Spray antifreeze. Before cooling, spraying the stems and leaves of the plant with antifreeze + new high fat membrane can isolate the source of diseases and insect pests and eliminate them, heat preservation and anti-freezing.