How to pick leaves for flower bonsai?

Published: 2024-06-24 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/06/24, How to pick leaves for flower bonsai?

How to pick the leaves of flower bonsai is a problem that many friends want to know. Now there are more people planting in the city, so there are more people planting flowers. Let's share it with my family today.

How to pick the leaves of flower bonsai:

In the process of flower bonsai cultivation and management, timely and appropriate removal of leaves will help to improve the ornamental value of flower bonsai, prolong the viewing time, and promote branching and flowering and fruiting. Different kinds of flowers and trees, leaf picking period, leaf picking quantity, leaf picking purpose, and the maintenance and application before and after picking leaves are different. therefore, the leaf picking technology should be used correctly.

After the jasmine overwintered indoors, the jasmine was maintained in the sunny place for about 15 days, combined with turning the basin and changing the soil, removing all the old leaves, pruning the branches, cutting off the thin technical strips in the dense parts, and shortening all the branches. it has a good effect on promoting the growth and development of branches and leaves and the whole plant.

Milan has strong growth, abundant branches and leaves, can continue to branch leaves and blossom, but also continue to form dark green and dull old leaves, timely removal of these old leaves can make the whole plant leaf color bright green, avoid leaf color mixed, conducive to ventilation and light, reduce the breeding of diseases and insects, can reduce nutrient consumption, conducive to the growth and development of new branches, leaves and flower buds.

Chinese wolfberry has a strong nature, tender leaves and red fruits have good ornamental value, and they are good materials for bonsai. The pot structure does not allow blossom and fruit before autumn, and fertilizes once before and after the beginning of the autumn festival. a week later, 80-90% of the leaves are removed and the branches are trimmed according to the shape. 7-10 days later, the new leaves and buds come out together, and after the new leaves are unfolded, cake, fertilizer and water are applied once a week to make the flowers flourish and the red fruit is full of branches after autumn.

Elm, park, pomegranate, crape myrtle, bauhinia, lobular privet and other tree species in the bonsai stump take leaf-making measures around early September or before they need to be exhibited. Fertilize once about 10 days before picking leaves, in order to accumulate nutrients for new leaf germination, cut leaves with scissors, retain petioles, and germinate new leaves 10-20 days later, not only the new leaves are beautiful in color and vitality, but also make the leaves smaller and better reflect the shape of the branches.

The red maple leaves are bright red and eye-catching, but the old leaves talk secretly or return to green. They can be picked twice in June and September to keep the leaves bright red throughout the year and improve the ornamental effect.

In the application of leaf picking technology, untested tree species shall not be abused. Special care should be taken after making leaves. After a large number of leaves are picked, water metabolism is slow, soil moisture should be controlled, it is appropriate to avoid rain in case of heavy rain or continuous rain, fertilizer application should be suspended, and normal maintenance should be resumed after the new leaves are unfolded. Bonsai with weak trees should not pick leaves, otherwise, it will accelerate weakness or death.

Flower bonsai how to pick leaves to share with you here, I hope this article will be helpful to you, good luck.