How are different flowers watered?

Published: 2024-02-28 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/02/28, How are different flowers watered?

The watering methods of different flowers are also different, and many people do not know much about them. Today, I would like to share with you how to water different flowers.

How to water different flowers:

1. Watering more herbs and less woody plants

Herbaceous flowers have shallow roots, poor ability to absorb water, more water demand in the body and fast leaf evaporation, so watering should be more and frequently. The root system of woody flowers has the advantages of deep penetration, wide distribution, strong water absorption and less watering water.

2. Wet flowers are watered more than xerophytes.

Wet flowers such as tortoise back bamboo and auspicious grass should be watered more; xerophytic flowers such as cactus, jade lotus, southern bamboo and other xerophytic flowers should be watered less.

3. The leaves are large, soft and irrigated, while the small leaves are less watered.

The larger the leaf is, the softer the texture is, the easier it is for water to evaporate, so it should be watered more; for flowers with small waxy leaves, the evaporation of water on the leaf surface is slow and can be irrigated in the right amount.

4. Sandy soil is watered more than clayey soil.

Sandy soil loose, poor water retention, appropriate more watering; clay compactness, good water retention, poor air permeability, watering should not be too much and too often.

5. Water more in hot weather and less in cold weather

Hot summer heat, foliar water evaporation, basin soil drying fast, watering should be timely, to be thoroughly watered.

6. irrigate more in drought and less in overcast

The weather is dry, the soil is easy to lose water, watering should be more and frequently, small pots are watered twice a day, large pots are watered once a day.

7. irrigate more in the prosperous period and less in the dormant period

During the peak period of flower growth, a large amount of nutrients and water are needed, so more watering and frequent watering should be combined with fertilization; when flowers are dormant, their growth tends to stagnate and water demand is very little, so watering should be strictly controlled.

How to save the flower after wilting.

Potted flowers, due to less water in the basin, forget to water, especially in summer leakage watering, often easy to cause leaf wilting.

The correct rescue method is: when you find the leaves wilting, you should immediately move the flowerpot to the shade, spray some water to the leaves, and pour a small amount of water. Later, as the stems and leaves gradually return to straight and straight, and then gradually increase the amount of water. Don't pour too much water at once, it will lead to the death of the plant.

Different watering principles for flowers:

Warm-loving flowers are watered more, drought-resistant flowers are watered less; flowers with large leaves and fast growth are watered more, and flowers with small leaves and slow growth are watered less. High temperature, high wind and dry, low temperature, less watering in cloudy days, no watering in rainy days, little or no watering in dormant period. There are different ways of watering according to different flowers.

1. Dry and thoroughly poured

It is suitable for semi-drought-tolerant flowers such as camellia, geranium and so on. The method is that the basin soil is not dry or irrigated, but should be watered thoroughly at once.

2. See dry and wet

It is suitable for mesophytic flowers such as chrysanthemum and kumquat. The method is to water the basin soil every day under normal circumstances, and the water content of the basin soil is kept at about 60%.

3. I would rather be wet than dry

It is suitable for moisture-resistant flowers such as ferns and evergreens. Methods the wet basin soil is always kept moist.

4. Better dry than wet

It is suitable for drought-resistant flowers such as cactus and cactus. Methods the wet basin soil is often kept dry, and some kinds can be left unwatered for a long time.

5. Do not sprinkle water on leaves and petals

Suitable for some leaves, petals fleshy, too much water, will lead to rotten leaves, rotten flowers, such as big rock tree, cyclamen and so on. Water wet to avoid the leaf surface, spray soil surface.