How to control aphids of cockscomb flowers?

Published: 2024-04-25 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/04/25, How to control aphids of cockscomb flowers?

How to control aphids of cockscomb flowers.

The aphids that harm cockscomb are mainly bean aphids. It gathers in the new buds, tender leaves and petals of Celosia cristata to absorb juice, affecting the elongation of new shoots, the expansion of new leaves and the shedding of buds. Bean aphid is also known as Shouqing aphid. The wingless viviparous female aphid is broadly oval, 1.5 mm long, dark brown to brownish green. The winged viviparous female aphid is long oval, about 2 mm long and dark brown. The nymph has white wax powder. Bean aphids occur for more than 10 generations a year in East China.

Prevention and control measures of cockscomb aphids: first, when aphids occur in a small number of potted cockscomb flowers in the family, they can be brushed off with a brush and killed, or tobacco leaf water can be sprayed (1 part of tobacco leaf is added to 40% 50 parts of water; after soaking for 1 day and night, it can be used by kneading and filtering). The second is chemical prevention and control. During the period of aphid damage, 50% fenitrothion EC 1000 times, 20% fenvalerate quaternary oil 2000-2500 times, 80% dichlorvos EC 1500-2000 times and other agents can be sprayed.


Spodoptera litura, also known as Spodoptera litura, Spodoptera litura, belongs to Lepidoptera, Noctuidae. Spodoptera litura, which occurs all over the country, is a gluttonous pest.

It mainly harms the whole plant by larvae and gnaws on the back of leaves when it is young. After the 3rd instar, the damaged leaves, tender stems and aged larvae could eat the fruit.

Prevention and cure method

Biological control: bacterial insecticides can be used, such as domestic B.T emulsion or cyanobacteria No. 6 liquid, usually with a dilution concentration of 500 to 800 times.

Physiological control: 20% or 25% of chlordiazuron No. 1 or No. 3 colloidal suspension 500 / 1000 times, but the effect of this kind of agent is slow and usually kills the pest when the age changes, so it should be sprayed early. For this reason, this kind of medicament often uses the dosage form of colloidal suspension, which is resistant to Rain Water erosion after spraying, and the effect can be maintained for more than half a month.

Chemical control: phoxim 50% EC 1000 times dilution, cypermethrin 20% EC 2000-3000 times, deltamethrin 2.5% EC 3000 times, kung fu 2.5% EC 1000 times, or 21% killing EC 4000 times.

The pest of cockscomb: aphids


Aphids will suck the sap of leaves and branches, and the damaged parts will form withered spots, and the growth rate of cockscomb flowers will decrease. After forming withered spots, the leaves will gradually wither, yellowing and curling until the leaves fall off at last. In serious cases, the whole plant will die.

The ingestion of juice by aphids leads to the lack of vitality of plants, and the saliva of aphids is also toxic to plants.

Prevention and cure method

Initially spray 50 ‰ dichlorvos 800-1000 times, or 40% dimethoate 1500-2000 times.

Plants found to be seriously damaged by aphids should be pulled out and destroyed in time.