How to choose and buy flower fertilizer and the matters needing attention

Published: 2024-06-16 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/06/16, How to choose and buy flower fertilizer and the matters needing attention

Family flower cultivation is more common in potted plants, and the establishment of potted space makes fertilizer essential, so, seeing a dazzling array of flower fertilizers on the market, how to choose and buy flower fertilizers?

Choose different flower fertilizers at different growth stages

Different growth stages of flowers, the demand for fertilizer is also different, such as flowers and seedlings to choose high nitrogen, low phosphorus and potassium fertilizer, in the flowering stage, we should use low nitrogen, high phosphorus, medium potassium fertilizer. For some flower growers, because the time of growing flowers is not long, the experience is not rich enough, and they are not familiar with the details of the use of fertilizer, it is also appropriate to consult many veterans.

Choose and buy different flower fertilizers for different needs

If potted flowers lack some nutrients, the symptoms are different. If you buy some flower fertilizer blindly, it will be counterproductive and cause fertilizer damage, so the actual lack of nutrients in plants should be purchased for fertilizer use.

Buy fertilizer according to the ratio of performance to price

Many people think that expensive fertilizer is a good fertilizer, that is a big mistake, water-soluble fertilizer may be wasted in the use of more, controlled-release fertilizer is encapsulated fertilizer, can be released according to plant needs.

Matters needing attention in selecting and buying Flower Fertilizer

Because flower growers do not need as much fertilizer as flower producers and farmers, do not buy too much fertilizer. Once some fertilizers are unsealed, they will volatilize if they are not used for a long time. So buy it when you open it and use it immediately after unpacking it.