Watering orchids every few days is the best.

Published: 2024-07-23 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/07/23, Watering orchids every few days is the best.

Today, Xiaobian wants to share with you the plant knowledge-related information, next I will introduce from the aspects of how to cultivate the symbolic meaning of orchids.

Orchids are a symbol of elegance in China, and orchids are also China's top ten famous flowers. They have been planted for more than 2,000 years. Today, I will talk to you about the watering of orchids.

If you want to irrigate water well, you must first understand the habits of orchids. Orchids like warm and moist, fertile and breathable growing environment. And we're going to simulate that when we grow orchids at home. One thing to note here is that a humid environment is not a humid environment. Moist soil allows orchid roots to grow better. Keep the air moist by spraying water around the orchids regularly with a watering can. A humidifier would be nice.

Knowing the habits of orchids, let's find out how orchids are watered.

First, we have to look at the soil of the flowerpot. If white particles appear in the soil planted in the flowerpot, it can be watered. When watering, it must be thoroughly watered. When there is clear water flowing out of the bottom of the pot, it is thoroughly watered.

The second point is to look at the weather, hot summer weather, soil moisture evaporation faster, this time can increase the frequency of watering. The best watering time is in the morning or evening, if there is more rain in summer, you can reduce the number of watering according to the situation. Autumn and winter season when the temperature is relatively low, do not water thoroughly, so as not to freeze the roots, you can spray some water around the orchid.

The third point is to look at the growth period, orchids in flowering time do not water, because watering or cause petals to fall off, in the orchid flowering time to spray water around the orchid to keep moist on it.

Orchid symbolizes beauty, purity, meaning patriotism, loyalty, etc., to know that orchid is a gentleman in flowers, its quality is very noble, poets often praise it, and orchid is also the mascot of love.

Orchids like good drainage, loose soil, and preferably slightly acidic, orchids do not like light, it is suitable for growth in a humid environment, but need to have sunlight scattering, if strong light irradiation, orchids leaves will yellow, or even wilt, and finally lead to death.

If it is in the hot summer, we have to shade it, in the middle of April, let the orchids receive more sunlight scattering, if in May, in addition to noon do not bask in the sun, the rest of the time can be basked in, until October, we can open all the windows maintenance.

Orchids are also water-loving plants, but watering can not be too much, easy to lead to ponding, control the amount of watering each time, and can not water frequently. If it is with tap water or rice water watering flowers, we must overnight, using rain and spring water orchids is the best.

In spring, summer and autumn, it is best to put orchids outdoors, and also choose a place with good ventilation and humid environment.

The above is a small series of symbols about orchids, in fact, orchids also symbolize the brotherhood, noble friendship, and now there are many people planting orchids, because it has a high ornamental value.