How to raise potted white orchids and how to prune them

Published: 2024-06-20 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/06/20, How to raise potted white orchids and how to prune them

The white orchid is not good in appearance and pleasant in fragrance, and it is a good anti-pollution greening tree species in the air pollution area. I'd like to share with you today.

How to grow potted white orchids:

1. Watering: many plants can't grow without water, and white orchids are no exception. White orchids like plenty of water and soil moisture, so watering is an important step in raising white orchids. It can be watered every other day in spring, twice a day if it is too dry in summer, twice a day in autumn, not so often in winter, as long as the soil is moist.

2. Fertilization: watering is essential, not to mention fertilization, the two are closely related. Match some phosphorus and potash fertilizer when fertilizing. Apply on a sunny evening when the soil is dry.

3. Sunshine: the white orchid naturally likes the sun very much, so its growth environment is inseparable from the sun, but we must pay attention to prevent drought in summer. The summer sunterrace is too strong if it is not taken good care of, the white orchid is easy to dry and wither.

How to trim white orchids:

In the summer when the white orchid is growing vigorously, the 3mur5cm area with new buds is selected for pruning. After pruning, the wound is sealed with a mass of mud mixed with fungicides and auxin, and the outside is tightly wrapped with small plastic film.

Conclusion: do you understand the above knowledge about how to raise white orchids? The fragrance of the white orchid is impressive, although the flowers are petite, but the fragrance is sweet to the nostrils, and the fragrance of the white orchid is different from that of other flowers, it is a kind of fragrance without arrogance and impatience, it is a kind of fragrance that people miss very much.

So much for sharing with you. I hope this article will be helpful to you. Good luck.