How to grow orchids, how to fertilize and how to water orchids

Published: 2024-07-23 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/07/23, How to grow orchids, how to fertilize and how to water orchids

Since ancient times orchids have given us noble and elegant symbols, and plum bamboo chrysanthemum known as the four gentlemen. The Chinese orchid and tropical orchids are very different, it does not have eye-catching Yantai also does not have large flowers and leaves, but it has a simple quiet and elegant noble temperament, which is also very consistent with the oriental aesthetic standards. So...

Orchids 'growth habits:

Orchid it is like a cool environment, and it is afraid of direct sunlight on it, nature is like wet taboo dry, and also like fertile and rich in a lot of humus loam, suitable for growth in the air circulation environment.

How to fertilize orchids How to water orchids

Fertilization: the new orchids pot if the soil is too fat is not able to survive, even if it can survive its flowering rate is also very small. If too much fertilizer in autumn will be too vigorous, this will also lead to poor flowering in spring, too little will also affect the formation of flower buds. In fact, the safe way is to see its leaves yellow when it belongs to the lack of fertilizer, it should be topdressing for it, and its leaf tip coke belongs to too much fertilization, this time you need to stop fertilizing for her. For its fertilization must be used decomposed, not decomposed is not able to use, but also taboo to use human excrement and so on.

Watering: Through practice, it can be proved that orchids need to be eight minutes dry and two minutes wet, and in the period when they are in flowering and sprouting leaves and buds, watering them should be less. In the rainy season, they should be moved indoors or set up a canopy to shelter them from rain, while in summer, they need to be watered in the early morning and evening, and watering them should not be too much. In autumn, watering can be appropriately increased. If it is dry season is necessary to spray it every evening, let the ground moist to increase the humidity of the air. In winter, watering it can be appropriately reduced, but it cannot be watered. It is necessary to pay attention not to let the pot soil dry out. In short, watering is dry, and watering is stopped when it is wet. It is necessary to take appropriate partial dryness as the principle.

Light: Light is an important factor in flower bud formation in many plants. Although orchids like cool, if they are kept hidden all year round, they will rarely bloom. Friends who love orchids have long discovered that the orchid leaves in the shade are long and the flowers are sparse, while the orchid leaves in the sun are short and the flowers are many. Therefore, in the cultivation of orchids, it is necessary to pay attention to the lighting problem. In spring and summer, we shade it with reed curtains or place it indoors in windows that are ventilated east and south. Orchids under the curtain should be turned once every half month to make orchids receive light on all sides, which is conducive to balanced growth of plants. In the cool of autumn, the potted orchid should be removed from the shade and let it bask in the morning sun for half a day, but also pay attention to the autumn dry.

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