Management method of flowering stage of crab claw orchid

Published: 2024-07-23 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/07/23, Management method of flowering stage of crab claw orchid

Crab claw orchid fertilization skills, for crab claw orchid fertilization, many flower friends are not sure, on the one hand, do not know what crab claw orchid fertilizer, second, do not know when crab claw orchid fertilization, compared with other flowers and plants, crab claw orchid fertilization needs to be more cautious. Today, let's introduce the time and method of fertilizing crab claw orchid. What kind of fertilizer should crab claw orchid apply? generally speaking, we can apply thin fertilizer during the growing period of crab claw orchid.

Crab claw orchid, fairy finger and many other flower friends like to play grafting. In order to improve the survival rate of grafting, today we will introduce how to improve the survival rate of grafted crab claw orchid. How to improve the survival rate of grafted crab claw orchid: 1. The grafting time should be timely: the grafting should be carried out when the scion and rootstock grow vigorously and the body fluid is sufficient, generally when the temperature is 20-25 ℃. In the northern region, it is roughly in April-June or September-October. Grafting effect from spring to early summer.

The flowering period of the crab claw orchid is from November to January, which is the key to the management during the flowering period. The management of the flowering period is directly related to the flowering quality. Today, let's introduce the management methods of crab catching orchid florescence:

1. Controlling water and stopping fertilizer

Crab claw orchid is particularly sensitive to water at flowering stage, which is easy to drop buds, and seriously makes rootstocks rot roots and lead to plant death; lack of water is easy to make flowers wilt and buds can not develop and mature. The correct method is: keep the basin soil in a slightly wet state, it is appropriate to pinch it by hand, and spray with the same water as the indoor temperature at noon every day, so that you can get twice the result with half the effort. If the basin soil is too dry, it can not be watered at once, but can be watered step by step. Too much watering at one time will make the plant drop buds and stems.

Crab claw orchid likes fertilizer, and its growth period can be fertilized according to the principle of frequent application of thin fertilizer, but generally speaking, fertilization should be stopped when the bud is basically formed. Fertilization during this period can easily lead to plant buds falling.

Second, heat preservation and gloss enhancement

Crab claw orchid likes the warm environment, the indoor temperature should be kept between 14-20 ℃ in winter, the flower bud can not develop normally if the temperature is too low, if it is lower than 5 ℃ for a long time, it is easy to make the plant die from freezing injury, the temperature is too high, and it is easy to shorten the flowering period.

Although the crab claw orchid is a short-day plant, it is necessary to strengthen the light during the flowering period. It should be placed on the south windowsill with plenty of light as far as possible indoors, and the flowerpot should be turned every seven days in order to make the plant grow flowers evenly. If the indoor light is seriously insufficient or continuous cloudy days, fluorescent lamps can be used to make up the light. The method is to turn on the lights every evening for 3-4 hours to make the flowers bloom normally.

Third, ventilation and insect prevention

It is important for crab claw orchid to keep warm indoors in winter, but ventilation should not be ignored. Poor ventilation can easily cause diseases and insect pests, so the doors and windows should be properly opened at noon in sunny weather for ventilation; the main pests of crab claw orchid at flowering stage are aphids and shell pests, in addition to paying attention to ventilation, if they occur, they can be caught manually when the number is small, and when the number is large, 1000 times of omethoate EC can be used to spray.

Has been all introduced, flowering management to pay attention to ventilation, pay attention to one point, the prevention of diseases and insect pests is also one of the keys, I hope the information in the article is helpful to everyone.