How to fertilize Magnolia in Autumn

Published: 2024-07-23 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/07/23, How to fertilize Magnolia in Autumn

Now it has entered autumn, potted magnolia also began to grow rapidly. Careful potted friends can find that there are obviously new leaves on the plant at this time. Then, in this case, we need to fertilize the potted magnolia in time. So, what about.

If the plant shape of Cymbidium is big enough to reach the age of flowering, that is, the plant already has more than 12 intact leaves, we need to fertilize it in time so that it has enough nutrients to achieve a smooth budding.

In general, we use some potassium dihydrogen phosphate to supplement nutrients. Topdressing this fertilizer is mainly to supplement phosphorus and potassium, which is very important for flowering plants to give birth to buds. Mainly we fertilize timely, scientific, gentleman orchid will soon pull out flowers and arrows and blossom.

However, the frequency of potassium dihydrogen phosphate can not be too high, usually it can be used twice a month. Of course, during this period, we should also maintain a monthly application of multi-element compound fertilizer as a supplement. We can sprinkle some multi-element slow-release fertilizer on the basin to let the fertilizer permeate into the basin soil evenly and slowly for the gentleman orchid to absorb. The main purpose of this is to achieve balanced nutrition.

Autumn topdressing can last until its bud grows and is about to bloom, but it doesn't stop as soon as it sees an arrow coming out. Because doing so may lead to the consequences of entrapment of arrows, which is usually a sign of insufficient nutrients. Therefore, we generally have to continue to fertilize until all the arrows have been drawn out before we can stop. Only in this way can we avoid the situation of catching arrows.

To fertilize potted magnolia in autumn, mainly apply phosphorus and potassium fertilizer, and supplement a multi-element compound fertilizer halfway. In this way, the magnolia can blossom smoothly around the Spring Festival, and the flowering effect is very good.