What are the requirements of orchids for flower pots?

Published: 2024-06-20 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/06/20, What are the requirements of orchids for flower pots?

When raising orchids at that time, flowerpots with good air permeability, bottom holes, suitable size and beautiful design were highly recommended. Such a flowerpot can make the orchid plant grow stronger and reduce the probability of its growth and development problems. in addition, it can also make the orchid plant more elegant and elegant. If you have some work experience in raising orchids, it is proposed to use purple sand pot to plant. If it is a novice orchid grower, it is more strongly recommended to plant it in a mud basin.

I. Orchid pot regulations

1. Good air permeability: the root system of the orchid must also inhale the gas from the plant, so that it can digest and absorb water and nutrients normally from the plant material. Therefore, when raising it, flowerpots with good permeability should be used. That makes it easier for the root system to absorb air.

2. Bottom hole: its root system is fleshy and has a good ability to store water, but it is afraid of waterlogging. Therefore, flowerpots with bottom holes and conducive to drainage pipes should be used at that time of maintenance. That prevents water from being stored in the flowerpot, which may cause it to rot.

3. Suitable size: the size of flowerpots commonly used for plant maintenance must be determined according to the size of the plant. It is best to choose a flowerpot slightly smaller than the plant to keep it. That can not only ensure that its root system has plenty of indoor space for growth and development, but also prevent it from rotting because the flowerpot is too large and the irrigated water is not easy to volatilize.

4. Beautiful appearance design: when maintaining it, it is best to use some more beautiful flowerpots. Because it is originally used for appreciation, with some beautiful, exquisite, elegant flowerpots, it will greatly improve its appreciation.

2. Highly recommended materials

1. Purple sand pot: this kind of flowerpot is simple and elegant, has good air permeability, and is especially suitable for raising orchids. The orchid plant will be planted in it, it can be set off more elegant, so that its appreciation, please climb another high-rise building.

2. Tile basin: although this kind of basin is slightly weaker in appearance, it has stronger permeability. It is not only convenient for indoor ventilation, but also not easy to store water. Besides, its price is not high. If you are beginners who raise orchids, this kind of flowerpot is strongly recommended.