The foreman's tipsy ──, from the dotcom bubble to the alcoholic bus, how does the gold medal leader bring himself out of the trough?

Published: 2024-05-21 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/05/21, The foreman's tipsy ──, from the dotcom bubble to the alcoholic bus, how does the gold medal leader bring himself out of the trough?

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When life reached the age of 36, with no skills and poor pockets, coupled with a long period of lack of daily life and frequent physical protests, it was predicted by the magical teacher: "if you don't change, I'm afraid you won't live to be 40." At the beginning of the interview, the middle-aged foreman Jian (real name Wu Jianyi) confessed to the darkest part of his life.

The fact that the foreman has become a well-known tourist talent today can be said to be due to this period of history. Like a storyteller, he eloquently explained the joys and sorrows of life when interviewed, and the uncle's foreman insisted: "whether lucky or unfortunate, I have become what I am today."

The family opened residential accommodation to receive guests from the United States and Japan, and loved foreign culture since childhood.

When he was a child, Grandpa and his mother each opened a guest house that specializes in US military business on Shuangcheng Street in Taipei. From his father to his aunt and uncle, the foreman grew up in such a large family engaged in the tourism service industry.

The US military withdrew from Taiwan after China and the United States severed diplomatic relations. However, the Japanese economy began to take off, and the number of visitors to Taiwan also increased. The foreman's father taught himself Japanese and changed the sign of guest house into a Japanese business.

Because of this growing environment, the foreman has been listening to Western music and reading Japanese comics since childhood, and the calendar given by airlines always shows the wonderful scenery of various countries. on the one hand, the foreman absorbs these foreign cultures. on the other hand, he is infinitely curious about the face of the world.

Going abroad for the first time was deeply affected by culture and vowed to travel all over the world.

In 1981, the foreman Jian stepped out of the country for the first time. ── 's father arranged for the whole family to travel to Japan and South Korea before he entered the "exit restrictions for serving men." The foreman firmly recalled: "it was an era when he went abroad and returned home to wear a wreath to take pictures." after only two years of government travel abroad, he had his first taste of the world.

When most people recall the experience of going abroad for the first time, they should only remember "fun" and "novelty", but the two-week trip to Japan and South Korea was an out-and-out cultural baptism of the foreman. The 15-year-old boy, full of joy, stood in front of the US aircraft carrier Midway Island moored at the military port of Yokosuka in Japan and quietly swore to the Pacific Ocean: "in the future, I will travel all over the world."

In 1981, he traveled to Japan with his family when he was in junior high school (provided by the foreman Jian) to meet the trend of the times and became a director of MV.

With the dream of traveling around the world, but in the face of being unable to go abroad, the foreman firmly suffered from the "sequelae of travel culture shock" and spent his miserable high school years. He tossed around several schools and finally joined Renaissance Art. Although he wanted to be a cartoonist or animator, he thought he lacked painting skills and perseverance. However, in the next few years, he faced the wind of the times all the way, accumulating later karma for himself.

Wang Zhicheng (poet Lu Hanshou), the Chinese language teacher of Fuxing Art Art, encourages his students to recite poems in Taiwanese. The foreman Jian has been immersed in different cultures in the past, so he has a chance to examine his identity with Taiwan. He watched LD in the Solar system and was baptized by the new wave of French movies. He also visited the historical scene of Chen Xun, Luo Dayou, Li Shouquan and others in the burned-out Chinese Gymnasium. Before Lin Qiang published "moving forward", the foreman Jian was dumbfounded by his performance at the campus concert of the National Academy of Arts.

After leaving the army, the foreman joined the advertising production company. It was a time when Taiwan's commercials were about to begin to change, and the foreman Jian met many talented partners in the workplace. His first trip abroad on business was to shoot MRT in Singapore, providing a simulation of Taiwan's unfinished MRT at that time.

MTV became popular in the ninth ○ era, and advertising companies also tried to make music videos. Foreman Jian's first directing work was singer Guo Zi's "about parting." Li Zongsheng's "mortal Song" and Zhao Chuan's "Always on my mind" were also his MV. At the same time, he performed naked in Na Ying's conquest at the invitation of the director's friends.

The heavier the bag, the lighter the soul

The life of making films and drawing scripts looks beautiful, but work and life are still frustrated. When life is in trouble, the desire to travel emerges strongly.

At this time, exactly 10 years after his father took him abroad for the first time, the foreman Jian was finally able to continue the chapter of "traveling around the World." After visiting France and Switzerland and experiencing European customs, only two weeks after returning to Taiwan, the foreman went to North America to immerse himself in different scenery. On his return trip, he specially chose to transfer in Tokyo and went up Mount Fuji with friends to complete some kind of "symbolic significance" of his trip to Japan.

Self-help travel in Paris in 1991 (provided by foreman Jian)

The foreman realized that he gained a lot of energy when he traveled. He bought a lot of CD and magazines, and collected a lot of maps. His luggage became heavier and heavier, but his soul became lighter and lighter. "I remember when I came back from Europe, my sister told me that she had never seen me in such a good state of mind!" He even found that when he was unable to travel, just reading foreign travel books or landscape films could bring him comfort.

Because the Internet climbed to the peak of life, but also boarded the "stall train"

The accumulated experience in the production company has given the foreman the opportunity to make promotional films on online services of the FSCC, and because he needs to do a lot of homework to make films, he has a rich knowledge of the Internet. "he suddenly found that the online world is full of hope." He said. In 1995, it was still the era of network dialing, and SeedNet and Hinet were the mainstream. While the world is facing the millennium bug crisis, many multimillionaires have sprung up on the plain because of Dakang (.com).

The foreman insisted that at that time, many people were keen on online investment, and many units invited him to write a column or ask him to write a project to raise funds. Later, he opened a personal news station in Ming Daily and wrote more than 2,000 articles on "Internet Trends." Even more with a number of network writers to form a "network worker front", foreman Jian (Ken Worker) this network alias, was born at that stage.

"it was a dark and active era." it was the mind that was active. In order to write articles, the foreman worked hard to read books, went to English websites to find materials, wrote his own views on the Internet industry, and wrote stories about the prosperity of American Internet companies. That's when the storyteller's character was developed.

In mid-2000, the Internet bubble turned, and the foreman who still had the dream of starting an online business fell to the bottom overnight. "I have talked a lot about the new network economy and touted a bright future." I didn't expect that the gold in my hand turned into a bubble, causing him wet hands, dirty face and injuries.