How to cut orchids to look good

Published: 2024-06-16 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/06/16, How to cut orchids to look good

In the eyes of many potted friends, orchid is a kind of plant with delicate growth, but its leaves are simple and quiet, and its flowering is elegant and elegant, which is very much in line with the aesthetic concept of the Chinese people. And orchids are one of the four gentlemen in traditional flowers and plants, and they also have good medicinal effects, so it is very practical to plant an orchid in a pot at home.

However, in the process of raising orchids, we usually need to prune them regularly in order to promote their better flowering. But pruning also needs to be carried out in accordance with certain rules, and you must not cut it blindly. So, as a potted orchid, what are the pruning parts? Where is it?

The pruning objects of potted orchids are mainly withered and yellow leaves, old, weak, sick and residual roots, stems left after flower fade, etc., all need to be cut off in time to avoid these problems, flower, leaf and root scramble and consume a lot of nutrients. This can easily lead to the inability to provide sufficient nutrients for plant growth in time, which leads to the weakening of plant growth as a whole.

Before cutting, we need to use alcohol to strictly sterilize the scissors, then keep the scissors tilted slightly, and finally slowly cut off the problematic parts. Note that the pruned leaves are slightly closer to the tip of the leaves, so that the overall green state of the leaves can be kept after pruning, and the potted plants look more flat and balanced.

Of course, after pruning the leaves, in order to ensure that the plant can maintain good growth, we also need to maintain the correct maintenance and management of potted orchids. It usually requires sufficient light, scientific watering, application of special organic nutrient solution, and so on. After getting enough nutrients, the plant can often bloom more beautiful flowers, and this kind of potted orchid looks better.