Key points of White Orchid cultivation in four Seasons

Published: 2024-06-20 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/06/20, Key points of White Orchid cultivation in four Seasons

We all know about the white orchid, but when we put the yellow orchid and the white orchid together, there is a vague feeling. If you don't take a closer look, it is really difficult to distinguish. Is the white orchid yellow orchid? The method of distinguishing between white orchid and yellow orchid. The difference between white orchids and yellow orchids is that white orchids and yellow orchids are so similar that many flower friends are …

White orchid pot, it is appropriate to use acid yellow loam, pay attention to drainage and ventilation. Watering is very important. When the soil surface is dry, it needs to be watered and thoroughly watered. On cloudy and rainy days, it is necessary to prevent stagnant water in the basin. Rain Water and river pond water should be used for watering, tap water should be kept for 2 hours, and stagnant water that has been stored for too long can not be used.

In summer, it is usually watered once in the evening, but it is necessary to replenish some water during the day according to the situation. In case of showers at noon in midsummer, it is necessary to water immediately to cool down. Fertilization can be in the sunny evening when the soil is dry, the bean cake, fish sausage and other mature upper layer juice diluted 15 times, the next day a permeable water.

Before entering the house in autumn, cut off dead branches, long branches and over-dense branches, and spray 1 / 2 times with dichlorvos or 0.3 degree stone sulfur mixture to prevent insect pests and mildew.

In winter, it should be covered with plastic bags to moisturize and keep warm.