How to improve the survival rate of orchid seedlings

Published: 2024-05-18 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/05/18, How to improve the survival rate of orchid seedlings

Autumn is coming, and it is a good time for flower friends to divide and pot the family potted orchids, but you must first know how to make the orchids survive quickly and smoothly. So, how to make the orchids on the pots take root quickly? Next, the editor will talk about it for you.

In order to improve the rapid survival of orchid seedlings after potting, root drying is the most important link in the process of potting orchid seedlings. Because we all know that orchids store water and nutrients in the pseudobulbs of orchids, which can stimulate the plant and promote its root growth by drying.

If we want orchids to take root quickly, we need to stimulate its pseudobulbs to speed up the synthesis of chlorophyll and nutrients. This is helpful to the root growth and seedling growth of orchids. In addition, drying the orchid root can not only make it take root and sprout faster, but also play a role in sterilization.

In the process of drying the orchid root, we also need to pay attention to the necessary treatment of the wound at the base of the old orchid. It is mainly smeared with carbendazim, which can achieve the effect of sterilization and disinfection and avoid affecting the survival of orchid seedlings due to wound infection.

Next, we need to put it in a cool place to continue to dry a little, then wrap the leaves of the orchid seedlings with a towel, and then wrap the crystal head of the roots of the orchid seedlings with a separate towel to avoid severe dehydration caused by sunburn or sun drying, thus affecting survival.

Generally, only the roots of false bulbs and orchids are not wrapped up, and then they can be used for drying. But at the same time, we also need to pay attention to control the light intensity, do not expose to the sun in a high temperature environment, but to dry in a relatively soft light. And the root drying is not to put the orchid seedlings on the cement floor, because the cement ground is easier to absorb heat in the sunlight, which is easy to cause burns to the orchid seedlings.

The root drying process of orchid seedlings should be placed on the board or overhead at the bottom, and it can be dried for about 10 minutes. After finishing drying the roots of the orchid seedlings, we can plant them in the pot.

The soil is usually required to be fertile and loose, breathable and permeable; it can be watered once after the basin is finished; later watering can wait until the basin soil dries, and the amount of water needs to be well controlled to keep the basin soil moist. Generally, it is necessary to wait until the orchid seedlings take root and sprout new buds, and then gradually fertilize them, but it is usually more suitable to use organic fertilizer.