[vegetable Restaurant] invites you to experience delicious vegetable food!

Published: 2024-07-23 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/07/23, [vegetable Restaurant] invites you to experience delicious vegetable food!

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Flashing Michelin aura of Sichuan food, five-star popular vegetable food Parkway, Chinese style, Italian style, Japanese style, Hong Kong style and other multi-national flavor …

There are 100 vegetable restaurants in Taiwan, subverting your imagination of meatless, pure plant cuisine! You can't miss it!

Activity method

Before 2020-12-31, go to the following restaurants and "voluntarily show" pictures of sustainable food and life festival activities (publicity / web page / APP), you can enjoy the exclusive discount of the restaurant activities! (small reminder: please be sure to "take the initiative to show" the owner's vision and be considerate of others, so as not to cause inconvenience to the shopkeeper!)

During the meal, you can participate in the lucky draw by taking photos and clocking in at the restaurant and uploading the FB/IG and setting the public sharing # Sustainable Diet Festival # vegetable restaurant series.

Lucky draw prize

Award content quota prize Li ren electronic coupon $3003 100 yuan 10 grain award Yinchuan organic rice 150g (market price $125) a pack of 125yuan 60 pure rice noodle 270g (market price $99) 1 pack of 99 yuan 70 fans award Yinchuan organic rice noodle 200g (market price $99) a pack of 99 yuan 70

The winning list will be posted on the Tiantian Liren / Green Media event website on 2021-1-6. What are you waiting for? Hurry up and have a big meal at the vegetable restaurant sometime.

✔︎ restaurant offers are not available with other discounts, discounted cash and exchange for other goods. ✔︎ activities are not available for takeout platforms. ✔︎ discount designated meals are sold out every day, please seize the opportunity!


► [Chinese] Renliju: the consumption is over $300, and the package series enjoys a 10% discount. ► [Chinese style] Taiwan vegetarian canteen: dried black cat beans. ► [Chinese] Amy Cuisine: Omnipork new Steamed Rice with Red-Cooked Pork lunch box / Indian vegetable curry chicken lunch box 15% discount. ► [Chinese style] harmonious vegetable cuisine: a piece of cake, dessert, free of charge for tea. ► [Chinese] Lianan Health Kitchen: choose one of two ready-to-use drinks: organic coffee, organic rose tea (B cup) ► [Chinese] Taian Hospital Manna Natural Flavor Restaurant: 10% discount at a single time, 30% discount for all three meals in Manna Natural Flavor Restaurant for 7 days. ► [Chinese style] like to eat vegetables banquet: 1. A small dish in the chef's private room; 2. Tea for internal use is free of charge; 3. For a meal of $2000, serve a blackcurrant and orange drink. ► [Chinese style] Zen style teahouse: enjoy a 30% discount on black plum juice if you spend more than 1000, and give you 2 portions of frozen spring tea with sweet-scented osmanthus sauce if you spend more than 1000 on a single order of tea. ► [Chinese style] Shangshan Dou Home: one brine bean blossom for domestic consumption over $500. ► [Chinese style] good vegetable food: free drink for domestic consumption over $500 (taste optional). ► [Japanese style] craves ice cream / Japanese vegetable food (National Taiwan University Hotel & Zhongshan Chifeng Restaurant): free exchange for Italian ice cream cups (worth $100). ► [Japanese style] plant raw hands as vegetable food: one designated snack will be given at least $250. ► [Japanese style] Suike hand hit Wudong Noodle: join line@ members on the spot when you check out at 11max, that is, you will give a membership card member points (worth $250). ► [Japanese style] Saffodou: a package of steamed black beans will be given to you if you spend more than 500 yuan. ► [Hong Kong style] Yangxin teahouse vegetables and tea: unlimited amount of domestic consumption to enjoy A. Crispy red feet with sauerkraut (for internal use) or B. Yangxin Babao salted rice dumplings 2 (frozen takeout) one or two discounts. If the designated meal is delivered on the same day, the hospitality item will be changed, and the lunch dinner on weekdays is applicable (Note: 1. The internal service charge is 2. 5%. Except for afternoon tea). ► [Hong Kong style] Zhuli Pavilion: full gift. ► [Hong Kong style] knows the teahouse: free organic food (limited to one exchange per table). ► [American] Burger Su American vegetable hamburger (Beitou / Songshan): exclusive 5% discount. ► [Italian] Lab33 Sanjieshan vegetable Restaurant: one dessert with a consumption of up to $1000. ► [Italian style] Boy Kitchen: give the Boo Chef a private dish with a consumption of more than $1000, and each table is limited to exchange. ► [Italian style] Mianto Ai Guofeng: order set An or B for free organic rose vinegar drink, buy non-alcoholic red wine and enjoy a 25% discount on red wine B cup (no discount is available during the 12-24-12-pound period). ► [Italian style] Food Collection (Minsheng Restaurant): free ketone gluten-free dessert for over $600, fried food for over $1200, and choice of meal for over $2400. ► [Italian style] self-eating vegetable coffee: give away a cup of black tea. ► [Italian] Soul Restaurant: order any dinner, add dessert or drink, dessert or drink can enjoy a 12% discount. ► [Italian style] Vegan Amore vegetable mousse: serve the first course of the chef (not specified). ► [India] three fools 3idiots toast & curry Indian vegetable (Nanjing shop / mansion shop): a cup of Indian spice milk tea. ► [Thai] The Green Room Thai vegetables: serve dessert or a cup of Thai lemongrass green tea. ► [American] vegetable vegeburger: get a golden crispy potato if you spend more than $200. ► [multinational cuisine] sipping Rice vegetable Restaurant: give away a cup of organic soybean milk. ► [multinational cuisine] Fengwei Pavilion exotic vegetarian restaurant: $1000 for domestic consumption and $2000 for domestic consumption. According to this tired push, limit single consumption. It shall not be used in conjunction with other offers. ► [multinational cuisine]