Aviation City tragedy 02 "car repairmen are paralyzed, Changzhao families are in tears, and excellent teachers criticize that" as long as district expropriation exists, there will be no fairness and justice in the world. "

Published: 2024-06-20 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/06/20, Aviation City tragedy 02 "car repairmen are paralyzed, Changzhao families are in tears, and excellent teachers criticize that" as long as district expropriation exists, there will be no fairness and justice in the world. "

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On November 9, 2013, the Aviation City Self-Rescue Committee launched an operation to surround the airport, and the old farmer Lu Ayun chose to commit suicide on the same day. Seven years later, on November 9 this year, Taoyuan Municipal Government issued an expropriation announcement. At this time, it was once again reported that Xu Shiding, an old farmer who had been expropriated, committed suicide by taking medicine."Upstream and Downstream" interviewed five expropriated households in depth and found that the tragedy was not a single case. Many expropriated households were suffering helplessly and their psychological pressure was on the verge of a cliff.

Cai Meiling, founder of the Aviation City Anti-Eviction Coalition, criticized bitterly,"The government painted a picture on the map and thousands of people were displaced." Those who own a large amount of land may become rich overnight, but those who own their own homes may have to carry debts to exchange for houses, and they may not be able to sleep and eat well. For those who are already economically weak or unable to repay loans, if they take this step back, they may be in a deep abyss."

Human rights groups believe that the right to housing is guaranteed by international conventions, and old farmers will die because farmland is a part of farmers 'identity, feelings and personal rights, which cannot be replaced casually, nor can money make up for it.

Groups protesting against the injustice of the expropriation system formed the Taoyuan City Citizens Supervision Alliance Front and launched an austere journey to reflect the aspirations of the expropriators to the government. (Provided by You Chunyin) Car repair master from optimism to depression paralysis, crying: Aviation City wrong my life

Chen Jianyi, 63 years old, has always been a happy car mechanic. In addition to his children, his mobile phone album is full of beautiful photos of all kinds of cars. About 10 years ago, he learned from Hsinchuang and planned to open his own business. Seeing the traffic flow on Nankan Road near the airport, he gritted his teeth and borrowed money to buy a three-story house with an area of more than 40 ping. The first floor was used as a shop and the second and third floors as a home. He thought that there would be no problem working hard.

Unexpectedly, the repair equipment has just been put into operation, and the garage has been classified as a zone levy, like a bolt from the blue. Chen Chin-yi has family members who have long had the experience of levying, and knows that compensation for those who own their own homes is not enough to replace their family property. He will fight everywhere and insist on opposing his position. "Apart from writing a letter of opposition, I attended seven or eight meetings to express my opposition. I went to the Construction Department and the Ministry of Transportation. I didn't expect the government to publicize it all and mobilize investors to make it seem that there were more supporters."

"One side fighting, one side looking for a house. How many 30 years of life can you spell like this?" The heavy pressure of eight million loans and the anxiety of uncertain future made Chen Jinyi no longer happy. He had been unable to sleep for a month, became irritable, implicated his wife and children led to family discord. Due to severe depression, it turned into "chronic disease psychosomatic disorder" and fell into paralysis. Now that Chen has received his disability manual, he is ready to live in a nursing home under the arrangement of his family.

He looked at the photo with his daughter and remembered how happy he was when he moved into his new home. Compared to today's tragic situation, he couldn't help crying sadly."Please help me tell the society that Aviation City destroyed my family, career and ruined my life."

Chen Jinyi showed himself and his daughter happy in the past, and he couldn't help but feel sad. It was sour. (Photo/Lin Jiyang) Take care of her husband without regrets, but the section collection will make her white hair overnight.

After Gao Man married her husband in 1990, she bought a small house with an area of 22.4 ping next to the airport for 4.7 million yuan, which was convenient for her husband who worked in foreign business to fly on business trips. In the quiet alley, the outdoors is a green space. Two husband and wife in this small comfortable nest, have children, married spent most of their lives.

Mr. Goldman is a public-spirited man, not only a volunteer but also a good athlete. He likes photography more. The room is full of his works, memories of the couple's trip abroad, children's growth records, happy smiles until two years ago began to go out of tune. Her husband was paralyzed in a car accident, and she quit her job to take care of him 24 hours a day.

Gao Man originally did not object to the zone expropriation, until June ground property assessment results came out, their family this through the sky house compensation only more than 3 million, she tried to calculate, according to the government compensation plan, if she chooses to allocate back the land, may not be able to match fifteen ping, even reconstruction qualification, can only directly allocate resettlement housing,"What about my husband, ordinary apartment space simply can not take care of his daily life." And there were tens of millions of houses on the market, and she simply could not afford them, so she could only ask for help everywhere.

Taking care of her paralyzed husband, she and her daughter have no regrets, but the government not only did not help the disadvantaged families, but also came to a district expropriation, making her situation worse. Worry makes her white hair overnight, long-term pressure even appears so-called "ghost shave", hair loss within a month,"now can only wear wig out," she sighed helplessly.

"the government expropriated my house and expressed its feelings everywhere, only to receive sympathetic looks from officials. how could i swallow the words 'case handling'?" Suffering under the happiness of the wind residual candle, Goldman lost the previous elegant self-confidence, reluctantly squeezed out a blank smile.