How can succulent plants be chubby? Master the three secret skills of sunshine, air and water, and easily turn into a meat breeder.

Published: 2024-04-25 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/04/25, How can succulent plants be chubby? Master the three secret skills of sunshine, air and water, and easily turn into a meat breeder.

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Succulent plant super Kawayi! It is not only a healing gadget for many office workers, but also a home decoration for many people. In recent years, the atmosphere of health preservation has become more and more popular, and succulent plants have also appeared at dinner tables or beverage shops. Many "meat friends" are dozens of pots, even with containers of different shapes and materials, playing with a combination of ideas. If we say that it is a popular figure in the botanical world in recent years, I believe everyone will nod and agree.

People without green fingers often laugh at themselves: "even the cactus will be planted to death by me." in fact, the cactus is a kind of succulent plant. The timing of autumn is the viewing season for succulent plants. Let's follow the talent of the seedling farm to learn the way of succulent cultivation, hoping that readers of "upstream and downstream" will enter the pit and become "meat masters," so that Taiwan will have a lot of meat and a lot of green.

The lovely succulent plant is a potted plant of the healing system, and the picture shows Meilian. (courtesy of Lin Hongzong) starting with the succulent plants of the genus "obscure moon", the stone lotus is beautiful and delicious

Lin Hongzong, an assistant researcher at the Seedling improvement breeding Farm of the Council of Agriculture, points out that there are many varieties of succulent plants, with more than 15,000 genera in the Sedum family alone. There are many kinds, and the characteristics are naturally different. Many gardening shops do not understand the reason and teach the wrong planting guidelines, resulting in succulent death and nowhere to redress grievances.

After years of domestication and cultivation in the seedling farm, the genus crassulaceae, which originally grew and distributed on the plateau of 2400 meters above sea level in Central and South America, has been able to adapt to the climate of Taiwan. Lin Hongzong suggested that everyone get started from this, so that they can enjoy the lovely appearance of succulent plants without too much effort to take care of.

The characteristics of succulent plants of the genus obscure are foliage clusters or rosette-like arrangements. generally, succulent plants in the shape of waterfalls or Guanyin lotus pedestal are generally seen, most of which belong to the genus. The most common is the edible stone lotus, whose leaves can be eaten with honey after they are picked and washed, or beaten into fruit juice to drink. It is a healthy food that can balance the pH of the body.

Lin Hongzong also mentioned that the genus Artemisia is a succulent plant with great potential for horticultural development, because the stems of mature plants tend to be slightly woody and have strong growth, and the spoon-shaped leaves are green, grayish green, pink, and waxy white powder, and the petals have special markings on them, making it difficult for succulent people to choose and always want to move back home.



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