Baozhong Township, Yunlin County-the relationship between the farmers who watch heaven and the land

Published: 2024-02-23 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/02/23, Baozhong Township, Yunlin County-the relationship between the farmers who watch heaven and the land

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Farmers, watching the sky to eat, especially in the early days of difficult life, many things need to rely on neighbors, relatives and friends to help each other and cooperate in order to complete a lot of difficult work and be able to live. in the process of this visit to praise and loyalty to the talented community, brother Cheng Xihe, chairman of the association, was introduced by the chairman of the association, brother Cheng Xihe, who lived in the talented community from an early age and had not been out. And have a deep impression on the past of the talented community.

Brother Cheng recalled his rural life when he was a child. Brother Cheng said that growing rice was not like the machine that can be used now, and it was necessary to harvest rice manually. At that time, before dawn, the whole family had to go to work at about 4-5 o'clock. The tool used was a rice cutter stepped on by manpower, cutting the rice one by one with a sickle, and then throwing it off the bucket, or stepping on the machine bucket with your foot. At 7-8 o'clock, they will take a break for snacks, and when farmers are busy, they mostly change jobs and help each other, and the owners of rice fields will also prepare rich rice harvesting rice to thank relatives and friends who come to help. This strong human spirit of mutual assistance and cohesion has gradually faded with the mechanization of agricultural tools.

1. From the preservation of ox carts, we can see the countryside-

There are still a small number of ox carts in the community of Youcai village, but none of them are in use. Talking about the recollection of cattle cart ploughing, Brother Cheng said that around the 1950s and 1960s, farmers would raise 1 or 2 buffaloes or yellow cattle, mostly bulls, because they were stronger than cows, and most of them were yellow cattle, and because buffaloes were more afraid of heat, they needed to replenish water more often. In addition to ploughing the fields, ox carts are also used to tow sugarcane to sugarcane collection stations and sugarcane courts.

two。 A childhood paradise in the countryside-

In the past, there were many ponds, large drains and bamboos in the Youcai community. when they were young, the water in these ponds and gutters was very clear. in summer, you can not only swim here, but also go to the pond to fish, touch clams and wash pants. And juniper is used to prevent thieves, can also be used to build houses! In addition, Brother Cheng also said that when he was a child, he would use bamboo and tar to glue cicadas on trees to play, or carve gyroscopes with guava trees and neem trees, of which the tops carved from guava trees are heavier and more stable.