What if the orchid doesn't blossom? The reason why the orchid does not blossom

Published: 2024-03-03 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/03/03, What if the orchid doesn't blossom? The reason why the orchid does not blossom

Wind and rain orchid, because the leaves look like leeks, it is also called leek lotus, it is a perennial bulb flower, most of the flowers are pink, its flowering ability is super strong, it can generally continue to open from the end of spring to late autumn, and it is also easy to grow into an explosive basin, but many friends who like to raise wind and rain orchids often say that this product is not easy to bloom. Today, the editor will share the reason why the wind and rain orchid does not blossom and the solution.

There are several reasons why wind and rain orchids do not blossom. The first reason is that the bulb is still small, and it is not time for it to blossom. Generally, it takes at least 2 years to grow from a small ball to the state of flowering. If this reason does not blossom, we can only continue to raise it. After it is raised, there will naturally be flowers.

The second reason is that there is too little light at ordinary times, because the wind and rain orchid is a kind of green plant that likes strong light, and it needs at least 4 hours of direct light every day. This product is not afraid of the sun at all. It will blossom smoothly only when the sun is basking in it. So you must keep it in a position with sufficient light.

The third reason is that there are not enough nutrients. Although Fengyulan can store nutrients in its rhizome, it needs to consume most of the nutrients every time it blossoms because of its strong flowering ability, so after entering summer, it is necessary to apply flower-promoting fertilizer at least once a month, such as flowers. Only with adequate nutrient supply can it bloom continuously.

The fourth reason is that the leaves grow too luxuriantly, because after the leaves grow luxuriantly, the nutrients in the bulbs will be absorbed by the leaves, which in turn will affect the growth of the flower arrow, so if you want it to blossom smoothly, you have to endure the pain to trim off part of the luxuriant leaves, or all of them, so that the nutrients stored in the bulb will be concentrated to the flower arrow, and then it will blossom soon.

The fifth reason is to apply too much nitrogen fertilizer, which is a fertilizer to promote the growth of roots, stems and leaves. If too much nitrogen fertilizer is applied, the leaves will grow luxuriantly, thus affecting the growth of flowers and arrows. Therefore, in the process of conservation, in addition to applying more nitrogen fertilizer in spring, we must apply less nitrogen fertilizer and more phosphorus and potassium fertilizer in other seasons.

If the wind and rain orchid you raise has reached the state of flowering but still has not blossomed, then here the editor teaches you a small way to make it grow smoothly in 3 days, and it can blossom several crops a month. The reason why it is called Fengyulan is that it can blossom in about 2-3 days after each rain, so if we want it to blossom, we have to do this and pour water on it in the evening.

Then the next day it will be moved to the sun to expose, basically 2 days or so can see the flower arrow grow, after each flower, in time to add a flower fertilizer (Huaduoduo or potassium dihydrogen phosphate), and then wait for the soil to dry, pour a lot of water and put it in the sun, so that continuous operation, it can continue to bloom.