What if the leaves of Yushu turn yellow and white?

Published: 2024-02-28 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/02/28, What if the leaves of Yushu turn yellow and white?

Many potted friends like to raise jade trees at home, mainly because their leaves are green, green and green, while the leaves are plump and textured. Potted Yushu is not only of high ornamental value, but also shows a kind of vitality.

However, some potted friends often encounter the phenomenon of light green leaves during the period of planting and cultivating Yushu in pots, especially the light yellow and white of new leaves. So, what should we do in such a situation? Where's Riley? How to make the leaves of Yushu green again?

Perhaps, the first thing that comes to mind at this time is to turn the basin for it. In fact, we do not need to build this project at all, we just need to operate in accordance with the practice recommended by the editor, and its leaves will soon become green and glossy. Let's take a look at it.

The recommended practice is to insert a few rusty nails in the basin soil, because the leaves of Yushu tend to show the above symptoms when there is a lack of iron. On the other hand, the young leaves in the upper part of the branches will show bad symptoms at first, and if we do not supplement iron in time, the old leaves in the lower part of the plant will gradually become lighter from green.

When there is a slight iron deficiency in Yushu, the mesophyll tissue in its leaves will generally show a light green state, but the veins will often remain green; if the iron deficiency is more serious, the leaves of Yushu will show yellowish white. And there will be a lot of withered spots, and even gradually become scorched and withered, and then the phenomenon of falling leaves.

It can be seen that the symptoms of iron deficiency in Yushu will not only affect the ornamental effect of potted plants, but also affect the normal growth of plants. If the iron deficiency is not serious, we can insert a few rusty iron into the basin soil near the inner wall of the basin around the plant and water it.

However, if the iron deficiency is more serious, usually the effect of inserting nails in the basin is not very obvious. So at this time we should switch to iron powder, directly sprinkle a thin layer of water or fertilizer on the basin surface. In this way, a lot of iron can be added to the plant, and after the plant absorbs enough iron, the bad symptoms of the leaves will gradually disappear.

It can be seen that when the new leaves of potted Yushu show a yellow-white state, this is usually the performance of iron deficiency. Therefore, at this time, we only need to reasonably supplement iron according to the extent of this situation. The bad symptoms of the plant leaves will gradually disappear and spit green again.