How to prevent tomato virus disease reasonably? (Control methods included)

Published: 2024-07-23 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/07/23, How to prevent tomato virus disease reasonably? (Control methods included)

For most tomato growers in China, tomato virus disease is very troublesome, because it not only spreads quickly, but also causes harm to tomato production. Tomato virus disease is a kind of disease and insect pest widely produced in recent years. It has various types of symptoms. On the one hand, it is not easy to detect in the early stage, on the other hand, it is very easy to be similar to the symptoms of deficiency disease and whitefly disease, which easily causes problems such as the best time for prevention and inaccurate identification of diseases. If it is detected too late, it will be very inconvenient to carry out rescue at that time.

About tomato virus disease, I firmly believe that you farmers want to master these three points most: ① the type and key symptoms of tomato virus disease;② how is the outbreak of tomato virus disease spread?③ How to prevent tomato virus disease damage reasonably?

1. What are the common types and symptoms of tomato virus disease?

mosaic virus disease, fern leaf virus disease, yellow top virus disease, leaf curl virus disease, giant bud virus disease, streak virus disease, curved leaf virus disease, mosaic virus disease and fern leaf virus disease had the highest prevalence rate, and the order of injury was yellow leaf curved type> mosaic type> fern leaf type> streak type, etc. In recent years, the rapid outbreak and destructive damage of yellow leaf curved virus disease, once produced, can not be cured, the damage is more serious.

1. Main symptoms of mosaic virus disease

All normal growth and development of plants are inhibited, language development is delayed, the top leaves have dark green, light green or yellow-green spots, part of the leaves are more and more transparent, when the disease worsens, the leaves are deformed or narrow strips, the top leaves also have wrinkled conditions, and the plants are dwarfed, the flowers fall and the fruits shrink.

2. The main symptoms of fern leaf virus disease

Plant growth and development rate slowed down, the top of the leaves can not be very good bending and stretching up, a narrow strip or spiral downward roll, independent from top to bottom mainly for ferns, a part of the plant leaves appear without mesophyll, flowers are very large after blooming and less fruit, abnormal fruit, serious plant branches growth and development more, plant dwarfing and so on.

3. Main symptoms of leaf curl virus disease

The plant is short, the branches are scattered, it is not easy to sit on the fruit, the leaves appear to have leaf edges rolled up (young leaves will turn into spherical or spiral shape), and the yellow flowers between petioles.

4. The main symptoms of yellow top virus disease

All normal growth and development of the plant were inhibited, uncertain branches were scattered, and the leaves at the top of the plant were small and had yellow flowers wrinkled.

5. Main symptoms of giant budding virus disease

The fruit yield of the plant is significantly reduced or the fruit is pyramidal, the buds at the top and petioles of the plant will sprout a lot of branches, and the leaves will become lighter and striped.

6. Streak virus disease

The fruit, leaves and stems of the plant will be produced, the leaves will have brownish spots, will spread from the petiole main vein to the branch vein and will atrophy, the arteries will have stripe disease spots, peach will have dark red disease spots, withered spots or abnormal conditions, and when the disease worsens, the plant will wither and die.

7. yellow leaf curl virus

The symptoms of yellow leaf roll disease are: Plant growth and development is slow, plant dwarfing occurs, flowers and fruits are more serious after blooming, abnormal fruits are more, the new buds at the top are reduced in size, clustered and wrinkled, the leaf color will turn green and yellow, and the leaves will be thickened and brittle, and the leaf margin will also be rolled up. After the disease occurs, the dwarfing condition of the plant is more serious. After the disease occurs, the leaves and buds at the top of the adult plant have the upper condition, but the leaves and fruits at the lower end have no symptoms. The foundation is not affected.

2. How is tomato virus disease spread?

Tomato virus diseases are mainly spread by Bemisia tabaci, scale insects and so on.

3. How to prevent tomato virus disease reasonably?

1. Selection of highly resistant species

According to scientific research information, at present, Chinese species have weak resistance to tomato virus disease, while overseas species have strong resistance to virus pathogens, especially tomato yellow leaf curl virus resistance is more significant. Therefore, strict supervision must be carried out when selecting planting species, and tomato varieties with strong resistance, such as Syngenta of France, Rixwang of Spain, Hazela of Africa, Dongqin Seed Industry of Hebei Province, etc., which often contain regulators of this virus. In addition, it is also an effective way to reduce the occurrence of virus disease by adopting the rapid cultivation of cruciferae, cucurbitaceae and solanaceae crops; the rapid cultivation of disease deterioration can also be planted in rotation with pepper, beans and other crops.

2. Improved pest control

Because Bemisia tabaci and scale insects are the key transmission media of tomato virus, early prevention and control must be promoted in Bemisia tabaci prevention, and prevention should be carried out immediately and reasonably.

3. Scientific research on fertilizer and water management methods

In the fertilizer, not only apply foot fertilizer, according to different growth periods must immediately fertilize, in addition to topdressing organic fertilizer, microbial fertilizer, to manipulate the application of base fertilizer, topdressing phosphorus and potassium fertilizer, planting nutrients outside the root fertilization; In irrigation, both to maintain the soil moist, but also do not have to flood irrigation, it is best to use thin water frequently irrigation, a small number of times irrigation, that can cultivate strong seedlings, strong trees, improve the tomato plant itself disease resistance work ability.

4. Scientific research, treatment, drug prevention.

At this stage, there is no special drug that can completely eliminate tomato virus disease on the market at this stage, which is also the key reason why it is difficult to prevent virus disease, easy to fashion and heavy damage. It is suggested that virus inhibitors (such as virus A500, puzzle 800, etc.) should be sprayed immediately at the early stage of disease onset to maintain the physical and mental health of tomato plants and reduce the incidence of diseases and insect pests. Everyone is not afraid to experiment with the following secret recipe: Spraying with 15g 72% agricultural streptomycin, 20g 20% validamycin, 10g chinon, 50g urea solution, 25g all-purpose zinc, 15KG water, appropriate soap powder solution, or 75g skimmed milk powder, 1 piece of medical equipment pipemidate, 25g all-purpose zinc, 15KG water, or 10g chinon, 25g all-purpose zinc, 15 pieces of medical equipment virus spirit, etc., has very good practical effect on virus prevention.

Above is all the content of today, many farmers basin friends want to maintain the high yield of tomatoes, must improve the prevention and management of viral diseases.