What crops can chili peppers be mixed with?

Published: 2024-07-23 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/07/23, What crops can chili peppers be mixed with?

There is a habit of eating chili peppers in many areas, and farmers are based on growing chili peppers, so we all know it very well. So what kind of crops can chili peppers mix with? According to statistics, pepper mixed with the following four crops also has certain advantages, the following network editor will take everyone to master.

What crops can chili peppers be mixed with?

1. Mixed varieties of pepper and bract rice

The mixed planting of pepper and bract rice is also a very common way. The bract rice planted here in the hometown of net editing is generally dominated by coarse grains and is not good at staple grain, so people sometimes plant sweet corn and waxy corn with good taste in pepper fields. Because the growth cycle of bract rice is shorter, and its main stem is better than that of pepper trees, it has a certain shading effect, so interplanting in pepper fields is mostly beneficial and harmless.

2. Mixed varieties of pepper and sweet potato

In the hometown of web weaving, many people like to plant sweet potato seedlings around the pepper after planting chili, and use the advantages of sweet potato seedlings growing on the ground to control the growth of flowers in the pepper field, because people often pick chili peppers. In many cases, rolling sweet potato vines becomes a meagre force, which is very beneficial to sweet potato vines.

3. Mixed pepper and melon

In fact, this is similar to the actual effect of growing sweet potato, because melon is also a rattan green plant, its growth in pepper fields, the key to the actual effect is also grass control. Because after watermelon seedlings grow, they occupy free space in pepper fields, they compete with grasses for nutrients and indoor space for growth, grasses cannot afford to grow in fields where watermelon seedlings are abundant, and chili trees can also provide shade for melons and other uses.

4. Mix chili and leek.

Leek generally can be planted in April, and if the degree is higher, it can be planted earlier. The main stem of Chinese chives is too short, and they can also be planted with chili peppers, but it should be noted that in the case of mixed varieties, because the pepper seedlings are relatively tall, we must pay attention to the distance between them. Only in this way can leek get adequate sunlight, natural ventilation, and so on, can it grow very well.

Well, above is all the content that the web editor wants to share with everyone. If chili peppers are mixed with other crops, they can also save some chemical fertilizers and fertilizers, and sometimes the quality of crops will be better. They can be mutually beneficial. Generally speaking, chili peppers are more suitable to be mixed with the above four kinds of crops, so we can try them.