Fertilization techniques and matters needing attention in Tomato

Published: 2024-07-13 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/07/13, Fertilization techniques and matters needing attention in Tomato

Tomatoes, also known as tomatoes, can be taken as vegetables and fruits, and can also be taken as fresh fruits. They are loved by customers all over the world. The market demand is large. Today, we will learn to train the key points of tomato fertilization technology.

1. Apply enough base fertilizer and base fertilizer, mainly 2-5t/mu of high quality organic fertilizer, and match with appropriate organic fertilizer according to different tomato varieties, maturity and planting stages. For mature species, apply phosphorus fertilizer 25-30kg/mu, potassium sulfate 35-40 kg/mu, and increase urea solution 15kg/mu. 1 kg/mu zinc sulfate, 0.25 kg/mu boron sand and 3-5kg/mu 3% phoxim powder are used.

2. Effective topdressing 2.1 10-15 days after the first topdressing tomato transplantation, in order to promote early hair, vegetable fertilizer (Lov root good barrel fertilizer)8-10kg/mu with washing, can also be sprayed with root diluent 300 times solution, can promote the growth and development of rhizomes (rhizomes are more developed, new roots capillary roots more), seedling, root rot resistance. 2.2 The second topdressing is applied before flower bud differentiation with 4kg/mu of Luff fertilizer sprite series products (high phosphorus), which can be sprayed with 600 times dilution solution of nanotechnology product series (nanotechnology B) to promote flower bud differentiation, protect flowers and improve fruit hanging rate. 2.3 The third topdressing when the first ears of fruit just began to Peng big, can be applied Loew barrel fertilizer (good)10kg/mu, and with high potassium spirit 4 kg/mu, the actual effect is the best. The practical effects of fruit swelling, high yield and drought resistance improvement can be achieved.

2.4 When the first panicle fruit is near to be obtained and the second and third panicle fruits are big, the main stem enters the vigorous bearing period, and the Lufu Chongfeng barrel fertilizer is applied at 10kg/mu, and the high potassium fertilizer is matched with 4 kg. After that, according to the growth of main stem and fertilizer supply of soil, high potassium fertilizer can be applied 1~ 2 times (4~6kg/mu each time), which can not only increase the fruiting period of dimethoate, but also avoid senescence and yield limitation. Irrigation, topdressing and proper soil cultivation can promote the growth and development of tomato rhizomes. Under the condition of soil potassium deficiency, topdressing potassium fertilizer in the latter half of tomato fruit color symmetry, reduce diamond fruit, improve the quality of fresh fruit has the key role.

3. Application of leaf fertilizer About half a month after seedling transplanting, spray Luff 205 and leaf fertilizer 20ml/barrel; spray fertilizer at the early stage of flower bud differentiation as above, plus Luff nanotechnology boron 25ml/barrel; spray once in the high yield period (in the latter half of tomato growth and development, leaf stem growth and development just began to ease, in order to win the latter half of the production, avoid senescence). To sum up, it is the key point of tomato fertilization technology. We warmly welcome you to fill in your professional knowledge again. Fertilization is a very critical stage in the whole process of food crop cultivation. We must grasp it well.