Many people like to plant towel gourd on the balcony. What are the main points of this method and management?

Published: 2024-07-23 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/07/23, Many people like to plant towel gourd on the balcony. What are the main points of this method and management?

Luffa is a common vegetable, can boil soup, can also fry the sea, taste very good. After loofah crispy, can also use loofah dish washing, can say the use is very much. Loofah can not only open cultivation, but also life balcony potted plants, the following together to learn the training of loofah balcony potted plants way of life.

1, raw materials prepared in advance

Balcony kind of loofah, to prepare a large vessel or foam incubator in advance, put into rich soil, can be mixed with talent add microbial agents vegetable fruit fertilizer. Luffa is generally planted in late spring and early summer, optional easy to plant live species in clear weather temperature sowing.

2. Pre-seed bubble seed

Before planting loofah, the seeds can be soaked in warm boiled water at 30 degrees for three or four hours, then wrapped in wet cotton towels and placed in a natural environment of 25- 30 degrees to urge teeth. After more than half of the seeds are exposed, they can be sown.

3. Planting

Sprinkle the seeds evenly on the soil, cover a thin layer of soil, pour water until budding, keep the soil moist during the period, and cover the pot with plastic film when the temperature is low to have heat insulation effect.

4. Regular maintenance

If loofah grows slowly, it may be due to insufficient organic matter in the soil, and as far as possible, topdressing microbial inoculant vegetable and fruit fertilizer. The seedling growth period must pay attention to fertilization to ensure its growth. When the seedlings grow to a certain level, they can be inserted into bamboo or tree technology to fix the vines and let them climb and grow. During the seedling growth period, tendrils, yellow leaves, weak leaves and unnecessary male flowers should be cut off immediately.

Before the first melon knot, all the side vines should be cut off until the main vine climbs 4 to 5 meters, and the top of the rattan can be pinched off. After female flowers grow out, artificial pollination can be carried out. The bee pollen in male flowers can be dipped in a soft pen and coated on the female flower column for 5~ 6 o 'clock at noon.

Luffa is a nutrient-rich vegetable and fruit, application has a lot of benefits to the body, so if you have standards, you can try potted plants.