What are the pests of sweet potatoes? How to prevent and cure it?

Published: 2024-07-23 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/07/23, What are the pests of sweet potatoes? How to prevent and cure it?

Sweet potato is a very good crop, the development trend of agricultural farmers often plant pot friends, but sweet potato planting up very consumption of organic matter in the soil, the general continuous cropping time can not exceed three years, and do not pay attention, sweet potato will continue to suffer from underground pests, resulting in limited production, then sweet potato pests what? How to prevent it? Let's take a look at it together!

1. What are the pests of sweet potatoes? Scarab larvae gnaw away roots and stems underground, causing seedlings to wither. The beetle bites the embryo bud, the young root, the tuber, causes the naked root seedling to wither or the tuber to rot. mole cricket, the roots of tubers bite into a tangle, so that naked root seedlings wither. The cutworm larvae like to gnaw off sweet potato stems, resulting in dead seedlings and lack of seedlings. In addition, there are more than ten kinds of underground pests such as bugs, root aphids, root bugs, root longicorns, white ants, etc., which have great damage to sweet potatoes. If farmers find out, they need to control them immediately.

2. How should sweet potato pests be controlled? 1, quicklime disinfection sterilization * soil. After obtaining sweet potatoes in autumn, 1 mu * is paved with more than 1000 catties of wheat straw and straw, sprinkled with 50 to 100 kilograms of quicklime, and then deep ploughing is carried out to bury quicklime into the ground. Because quicklime can be hot after meeting water, it can kill underground pests, and it can also let wheat straw rot and become organic fertilizer.

2, organic chemical control before ploughing can use 5% phoxim particles symmetrical topdressing road surface, followed by ploughing shallow hoe, drugs fully mixed in the soil, you can kill underground pests, in addition to the application of 50% phoxim emulsifiable concentrate, 90% crystalline trichlorfon 800 times solution, 50% phoxim emulsifiable concentrate 500 times solution can also be controlled, but it is not strongly recommended to apply higher concentrations of chemical fertilizer, environmental pollution is very serious. 3, agriculture and animal husbandry control standard areas can be applied to the rotation of water and drought, kill the source of insects in the soil, improve the soil moisture composition, with the effect of inhibiting pest breeding. Use composted organic fertilizer mixed with 2.5% trichlorfon powder insecticide to cut out the transmission route of larvae. Above is all the detailed introduction about sweet potato pest control, if the farmer basin friend wants to plant sweet potato with high birth yield, pest control must be done carefully to prevent many pests from harming sweet potato production.