Control methods of aphids and shells in seedlings and flowers

Published: 2024-06-24 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/06/24, Control methods of aphids and shells in seedlings and flowers

Aphids are the great enemies of flowers, and there are many kinds of aphids, such as cotton blowing ants, furfural aphids, wax aphids, grass scale, shield mosquito, pear orchard scale, cactus scale, pink scale, brown soft scale, transparent scale and so on. They are of different sizes and shapes, and the harmful flowers and trees are also different. for family florists, it is not necessary to distinguish them carefully. However, almost all flowers and trees suffer from it, and once it occurs, it is difficult to eradicate it. Only the flowers and trees of Moraceae such as rubber tree and Euphorbiaceae that contain milk are not infringed.

The larval stage of scale insects is very short, and the larvae move slowly. When they wriggle to the back of the leaves or the branches, they stand still, then shell, and the later larvae arrange the crusts in turn, which is very regular. After the crust, it uses its piercing aspirator to suck the juice of flowers and trees for a long time to maintain life, and at the same time discharge liquid a to pollute the branches and leaves, which will soon cause coal fouling disease in the humid and high temperature environment, making the plant unable to carry out normal photosynthesis and hindering breathing. resulting in withered and yellow leaves and dry branches.

To prevent scale insects, we should first strengthen ventilation and light transmission to prevent muggy and humid. Once it happens, they should be eliminated at the larval stage. There are many ways to kill drugs, such as 1500 times of crystal trichlorfon, 1000 times of phoxim, 1500 times of dichlorvos, 1500 times of fenitrothion, 1500 times of omethoate, 1500 times of phoxim, and so on. The above-mentioned agents have different killing abilities to different kinds of aphids, and another can be used when the killing effect of one agent is not good.

Once scale insects shell, the ability of drug resistance will be greatly enhanced. If the small potted flowers cultivated in the home have been crusty, you can wipe off the worms with skimmed cotton dipped in low-alcohol liquor, remove coal pollution at the same time, and spray with clean water twice after scrubbing. If shell bugs occur on large potted flowers such as cycads placed in the garden and have been crusted, manual killing is quite laborious and impossible to remove, and only highly toxic pesticides such as 1059 or 1605 can be used. First cut the base of the stem with a knife, and then apply the pesticide to the cut with a brush. This pesticide is an internal inhaler, which can permeate the body of flowers and trees and be transported to various organs. The beetle will die and fall off immediately after sucking the sap containing the sap. The above pesticides can kill people and cannot be used in families or public gardens.