Countermeasures of Yellow leaves of potted Flowers

Published: 2024-07-13 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/07/13, Countermeasures of Yellow leaves of potted Flowers

In potted flowers, the prevention and control of yellow leaves is very important, which directly affects the normal growth of flowers. Then the editor will introduce you the prevention and control methods of yellow leaves of potted flowers in detail to help you better plant potted flowers.

Prevention and control of yellow leaves of potted flowers:

If the leaves droop due to lack of water, you should immediately spray water on the leaves to speed up the absorption of water by the plant, and then water the basin. Pay attention to less watering at this time, so that the soil can be moist, do not water more. In potted peanuts for a long time, long-term non-fertilization or insufficient fertilization will cause yellow leaf phenomenon; applying too much concentrated fertilizer will cause roots, affect water absorption, and also cause yellow leaves, which can be watered and diluted and washed away from the soil. The lack of fertilizer can lead to basin soil hardening, leaves yellow, thin, thin, branches slender, yellow, tender, should be fertilized immediately. Flower Zhuangtiling should be sprayed, the positive energy of flower ecological growth should be applied, the path of flower catheter should be broadened, the intensity of water and fertilizer absorption of flowers should be enhanced, and the yield and quality should be improved. And make the buds strong, the petals enlarged, the flowers colorful, the fragrance rich, and the florescence prolonged.

After being infected by mosaic virus, there are many yellow and green plaques on the leaf surface, which should be prevented. Spraying 500 times liquid of new high lipid film combined with targeted insecticides or fungicides in time can shield the sense of smell of pests and inhibit the replication of germs. reduce its drug resistance and dosage, and improve the effect of pesticides. And give adequate light and ventilation.