How to treat flower aphids?

Published: 2024-05-21 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/05/21, How to treat flower aphids?

There may be aphids in domestic flowers, so what should happen after the aphids appear? What medicine can be used to get rid of aphids?

Steps to control flower aphids:

To prevent aphids, we must prevent ants, because the liquid (stool) secreted by aphids is the food that ants like to eat very much, so ants and aphids are good friends. Ants often move aphids to places suitable for aphids to breed, so, the step to prevent aphids is to prevent ants, it is recommended to use ants and other neurodrugs, a pack can take care of a nest of ants, a nest of 2 days is dead.

Steps to control flower aphids:

Also to prevent, with garlic method, I was plagued by aphids in the first half of 2009. Later, I got the guidance of my aunt (formerly an authentic peasant woman). Planting garlic on the edge of plants prone to aphids can play the role of aphids. After almost a year of experiments, those who have planted garlic on the edge of plants have basically not seen aphids, but we will continue to experiment this year. Because last summer, when the aphids were fierce, garlic defense was not used. This year, we should have a good look at the effect. We might as well try it. Here is my pepper, next to three garlic, this pepper has never been sprayed with aphid medicine.

In addition, drugs against aphids can basically deal with whitefly, leafhopper and moss horse, so you don't have to buy drugs to kill these insects.