Family potted flowers, balconies with different orientations, suitable for different ones

Published: 2024-07-13 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/07/13, Family potted flowers, balconies with different orientations, suitable for different ones

The place where the family grows flowers is usually on the balcony or windowsill, and the one with good conditions is in the courtyard. The balcony and windowsill will be divided into south, north, east, west, etc. Different balconies and windowsills have different hours of light every day. The balcony is usually on the high side of the building, so there is not much space.

In summer and autumn, the light is strong, heat absorption is much, heat dissipation is slow, and evaporation is fast. And in winter it's windy and cold. Of course, different sitting balcony, climatic conditions are also different. Generally speaking, the light intensity and wind speed of the balcony facing south and east are more stable than that of the balcony facing west.

The light on the north-facing balcony is poor and it is very cold in winter. So according to the balcony of different orientation, the flowers suitable for potted plants are also different, take a look at them respectively below.

Family potted flowers

1. The balcony facing south

The south-facing balcony has sufficient light, which can receive about 9 hours of light a day on average, and the light and temperature are relatively stable. So the south-facing balcony is suitable for potted triangular plum, fire sacrifice, Catharanthus roseus, hanging orchid, rhododendron and other flowers.

Family potted flowers

2. The balcony facing north

For the north-facing balcony, rarely receive direct light from the sun, often more dark. The temperature of the north balcony is low and cool in summer. So the north-facing balcony is suitable for potted turtle-backed bamboo, magnolia, cymbidium, ivy, camellia, Dendrobium, copper grass and other potted plants.

3. The balcony facing east

East balcony, generally in the morning can receive soft light, such light is very helpful to the growth of potted plants, in the afternoon is relatively cool, and the temperature, humidity is relatively stable, for the east balcony, suitable for dripping Guanyin, gardenia, upside down hanging golden bell, crab claw orchid, rich bamboo, tiger tail orchid and other potted plants.

4. The balcony facing west

Facing west balcony, generally to the afternoon sunshine time is relatively long, the summer is very hot, and dry, but to the winter cold, to do a good cold prevention measures. The west balcony is more suitable for potted plants such as cycad, Cartland, Oncidium, rubber tree, jasmine, sunflower, Phalaenopsis and so on.

Generally put on the balcony or windowsill potted plants, stems and leaves and flower branches are easy to bend to the side of the glass window, the plants will chase the sun, in order to avoid biased growth, so the need to regularly turn the flowerpot, each turn is not too large, each time you can turn the flowerpot for 4 laps.

In winter, the temperature is cold, move the potted plants to the window as far as possible, can effectively enhance the time and intensity of light, winter remember to keep the balcony and windowsill glass clean, dust timely cleaning, can effectively improve the luminosity of light.