What should hydroponic flowers pay attention to?

Published: 2024-07-23 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/07/23, What should hydroponic flowers pay attention to?

Hydroponic flowers are also a way of soilless cultivation. It has many advantages, such as cleanliness, no watering, clearly visible root system, beautiful and delicate shape with the plant, and so on. Among the foliage plants, there are many plants that can be raised by water, such as Guangdong evergreen, thousand-year-old wood, foliage begonia, cold water, Haitong, hanging bamboo plum, glass Cui and so on. Hydroponic flowers should pay attention to the following points:

(1) cuttings bubble root. The cuttings are required to be 12 centimeters long and contain 4 stem nodes. The section of the cuttings should be smooth and inclined. Cuttings and bottles are sterilized with alcohol.

(2) change the clean water every 2 days, under the condition of 20-30 ℃, it can take root in half a month. During the rooting period, it is best to use a plastic bag to cover the cuttings, in order to maintain humidity, put in the indoor semi-shady place, after rooting should not change water, in order to prevent damage to the root system, less water should be filled in time.

(3) as big as the bottle is, the root system can grow as much as possible, but the root grown by water is relatively weak.

(4) it is also necessary to apply fertilizer in bottle water culture, and applying a small dose of foliage flower fertilizer every two weeks in the growing season can promote the plant to grow healthily.

(5) if the container used is transparent, it is best not to put it in direct sunlight, so as not to raise the water temperature, grow algae and affect the growth of roots.