How to control flower powdery mildew

Published: 2024-06-20 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/06/20, How to control flower powdery mildew

For flower powdery mildew, flower friends are no stranger, so what should be paid attention to in the prevention and control of flower powdery mildew?

Here is the editor to provide you with the details:

1. The reason for the occurrence of powdery mildew and how to improve and prevent the watering method.

One reason is that it is hot and muggy, and the other more important reason is that you should not water it at night, especially by spraying! This is also the main reason why powdery mildew occurs in our garden, because we always water it at night, and we all use spraying.

Spraying or spraying plants is only suitable for replenishing water after windy weather in spring. In a sauna like Beijing, the humidity is at least 70% during the day, which is very unsuitable for spraying water on leaves.

I remember reading a foreign gardening book a while ago, the part about the automatic irrigation system also mentioned a sentence, that is, the use of leakage pipes, rather than micro-nozzles, so as to avoid water on the leaves. At that time, I didn't quite understand, because I thought Huahua was quite willing to be sprayed with water. Now I finally understand. The humidity in the sauna has already made the plants uncomfortable, and spraying water, even in the morning, will only make them more uncomfortable.

2. medication and frequency after the occurrence of powdery mildew

According to the common suggestion of the three: if it has already happened, chlorothalonil can no longer be used alone, because it is only suitable for prevention, not suitable. Carbendazim is not good, and the effect is not as good as chlorothalonil.

The appropriate formula is as follows (this is the formula recommended by the three coincidentally): after the occurrence, spray: strychnine (also known as three files of copper, not imported, only domestic) + chlorothalonil (imported is better) mixed together, the concentration can be slightly higher. Four days later, spray again with the same formula. Stick to it like this for about three or four times. It should be almost done.

3. Suitable spraying time

Appropriate after the evening, so as to avoid the sun burning quickly dry the water of the potion, causing the ingredients of the medicine to be unevenly concentrated on the leaves, and it is easy to cauterize the leaves. After spraying in the evening, watering the next morning, you can use a spraying method to wash away the white powder on the leaf surface. Don't worry about affecting the efficacy, because Ding Liang said it would be enough to keep it for four hours. According to the uncle in the agricultural aid shop, after flushing it in this way, the medicine enters the soil and can be further absorbed by plants.

4. Preventive spraying method

After the formula has been sprayed three to four times (that is, about a month later), you need to change the formula. You can no longer use the old formula. The new formula can be used with chlorothalonil and methyl topiramate. It also lasts for a month, about once a week. A month later, another kind of spectral medicine can be changed. Agricultural capital shops all have a lot of choices, including imported domestic ones. Anyway, it is changed and used in this way, a month is a cycle. It needs to last until after October 1, when the weather is cool, it can stop.