What are the cold-resistant and green flowers in the north?

Published: 2024-06-20 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/06/20, What are the cold-resistant and green flowers in the north?

For friends who have lived in the north for a long time, some flowers and green plants can often be seen in places such as roadside green belts. Especially in the flower beds, parks and even industrial parks beside the urban roads, these flowers and plants can often play a very good greening effect. In beautifying the environment and purifying the urban air, these flowers and plants often play an important role.

However, the northern region generally in the four seasons of the year, each season has its own obvious characteristics, especially in terms of temperature, is often very clear, and even can form a great temperature difference. Therefore, the strong cold tolerance of planting these flowers and plants in the northern region is the first factor to be considered. So, what about.

When people pass by the flowers and feel the beauty of the environment in the process of appreciation, few people will think about what kind of seasonal changes these flowers and plants have to endure in the outdoor environment. Admittedly, these flowers and plants have strong cold tolerance, so they can maintain good growth, so they can show their most beautiful side in front of people and bring love and joy to people. The most representative flowers and plants in the northern region are such as tulips, American carnation, chrysanthemum, echinacea, black chrysanthemum, purple flowers, Persian chrysanthemum and so on.

It is precisely because these varieties of flowers and plants have strong cold tolerance and stress resistance, so they can show people with the image of flowers and flowers in a harsh environment and bring infinite happiness to people. In the process that these flowers and plants bring many benefits to our cities and people in our cities, we naturally have to love them and take good care of them, because they are also an important part of our beautiful city life.

The flowers and plants that can be seen everywhere in the city can not only beautify our environment and add beautiful scenery to our life, but also bring a lot of vigor and vitality to our living space. Just imagine, can you feel the stillness in a city without flowers and green plants? Whether it is purple tulips, or yellow black chrysanthemum, or pink echinacea, it is these weak lives that bring infinite vitality to our living space.

Compared with the relatively warm areas in the south, there are not many flowers and plants suitable for planting in the cold areas of the north, so we should cherish these green plant resources that can live in the northern environment. We believe that under people's careful care and scientific management, these flowers and plants, which are weak in life but can shine brilliantly, are bound to become beautiful scenery in the city.