How to water flowers in summer

Published: 2024-05-28 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/05/28, How to water flowers in summer

In summer, most potted flowers grow rapidly, and the water in the pot soil evaporates quickly, and watering slightly improperly will affect the growth of flowers. Therefore, it is very important to master the watering time and amount of water.

Watering time. It is appropriate to not heat the plant before or after sunrise in the morning. If watering in the afternoon, it should be carried out 1 hour after sunset or direct sunlight-free plants. In practice, dry potted plants can be watered early in the morning and watered after 3 p.m., especially not in the hot noon, because under the hot sun, the soil temperature is high and the evaporation is large. The roots must work normally in order to provide sufficient water to the plants. For example, watering flowers with cold water suddenly decreases the root and soil temperature, weakens the root activity, slows down the water absorption, and results in a shortage of demand. The phenomenon of "physiological drought" occurs, and the upper leaves wilt or scorch. Therefore, if in hot weather must be watered, first put the water into the pool or tank, so that the water temperature is not too low, and then watering.

The amount of water. Generally grasp the principle of "see dry and see wet", that is, do not dry, do not water, water thoroughly. However, the amount of water for watering flowers varies according to the type, habit, growth stage and soil of flowers. Flowers originating in humid areas, such as palm bamboo, gardenia, palm, rhododendron and so on, can be watered more appropriately, while cactus, sedum and some fleshy root flowers should be watered less. The watering amount of herbaceous flowers is more than woody flowers. Dormant or semi-dormant flowers, such as cyclamen, hanging golden bell, azure sunflower, four seasons begonia, calla lilies, etc., should be watered less or stopped to keep the potted soil slightly moist; watch fruit flowers, such as pomegranate, fragrant garden, etc., when blooming or bearing fruit, do not water too much, otherwise it is easy to drop flowers and fruits.

In addition, it is hot and rainy in summer, and some potted flowers and trees are in case of heavy rain, so it is best to water them with cold water when it is sunny, which can adjust the temperature of topsoil and air and reduce the adverse effects of damp and heat on flowers. In case of flowers wilting due to extreme lack of water, it should be placed in a cool and wet place, first pour a small amount of water, and then gradually increase the amount of water, so that it can slowly recover, do not water a large number of water, otherwise it will seriously fall leaves, flowers, and even cause death.