What are the flowers suitable for growing all the year round

Published: 2024-07-23 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/07/23, What are the flowers suitable for growing all the year round

With the satisfaction of people's material conditions and the improvement of living standards, coupled with the continuous enhancement of the concept and awareness of green environmental protection, more and more friends gradually pursue the enjoyment of the spiritual world. it is undoubtedly a more elegant behavior to grow flowers and plants in their spare time for retirement, work and study. And different friends love different varieties of flowers and plants, and there are green plants suitable for planting in nature all the year round. So, are there any varieties of flowers and plants that are suitable for planting all the year round?

In fact, there are still many flowers and plants suitable for planting all the year round, but because many friends do not understand the growth habits and characteristics of flowers and plants, they often ignore this aspect and choose single-season flowers and plants for cultivation. However, there are still many people want to cultivate some plants suitable for the four seasons, even if they do not blossom in the four seasons, they can watch the leaves or green the environment and decorate the space. So, what about.

Flowers suitable for planting all the year round are often determined by their own growth habits and climatic environment. Such as American carnation, fishing bell willow, blue flax, Icelandic Yumei, Rhodiola, hemerocallis, blue sage, purple flower, big flower fighting vegetable, chrysanthemum, golden chrysanthemum, four seasons crabapple, purple flower, fishing bell willow, hairy Rehmannia, snake chrysanthemum, ground cover chrysanthemum, dahlia, hemerocallis, Huang Changpu, eight treasure sedum, eight immortal flowers, fake bibcock, clustered Frokao, geranium, large flower okra, pine chrysanthemum, banana, banana A large number of flowers and plants, such as Ophiopogon japonicus, Shegan, Malan, Carnation, Carnation, Dabin Chrysanthemum, Tulip, Lavender, Medal Chrysanthemum and so on, can be planted in the four seasons.

However, in order to judge whether a flower plant is suitable for planting all the year round, the most important factor is the temperature. If there is a suitable time for planting flowers and plants in the four seasons, then it can often be cultivated. Next, the editor will discuss with you the four time points suitable for growing flowers and plants throughout the year:

I. the beginning of spring

For most flowers and plants, they can generally be planted in spring, and mostly in early spring. Because most flowers and plants can sprout and grow at temperatures above 10 ℃. Spring can basically meet this temperature condition after entering early spring, so it is generally suitable for planting in spring.

The early summer of summer

After the more important planting in early spring, the time suitable for the second planting is often concentrated in April-June, because this time period is also close to the early summer season. Although the weather is warmer, there is generally no long hot sun, so the temperature will not be too high or too bad. And many flowers and plants prefer a warm growing environment, so they are usually more suitable for planting.

III. Early Autumn

In general, autumn and spring have a similar temperature environment, but the difference is that spring is a warming stage, while autumn is a cooling stage. For many flowers and plants, it is often very suitable for planting in spring and autumn. If it is planted in autumn, it will usually blossom next spring. And many friends choose to plant in autumn, mainly in order to let flowers and plants bloom for a longer time in the coming year.

IV. The beginning of winter

For the southern part of China, winter often comes later, so the temperature drops more slowly. For some flowers and plants with strong cold tolerance and stress resistance, they are often suitable for planting in early winter. However, for the cold areas in the north, it is usually not suitable to grow flowers and plants in winter, and even those varieties with strong cold tolerance are vulnerable to freezing injury. After all, winter in the north comes relatively early, so the temperature drops fast and early. But even in the south, there are not many flowers and plants planted in winter.

To sum up, the general perennials have strong cold tolerance, and the common flowers and plants suitable for planting all the year round are often crape myrtle, all kinds of chrysanthemums, red flowers, lilies, day lilies, irises, lilies, mints and so on. Especially as a potted plant, because it is easier to improve the growth conditions, it is often possible to choose more varieties of flowers and plants to be planted all the year round.