Attention should be paid to spraying and watering flowers in midsummer

Published: 2024-05-18 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/05/18, Attention should be paid to spraying and watering flowers in midsummer

With high temperature and large evaporation in midsummer, the amount and frequency of spraying and watering potted flowers should be increased.

General flowers and trees are watered from nine to ten in the morning and from three to four in the afternoon. Evergreen foliage flowers will appear dry-edged scorched leaves when they are hot, so they should generally be placed under the shade for summer. At noon, clear water can be sprayed to the leaves and the ground nearby to cool down and increase humidity.

General flowers should not be sprayed at noon. Because the temperature is the highest at noon, the leaf temperature can be as high as more than 30 degrees, the stomata are wide open, and the transpiration respiration is strengthened. At this time, such as a sudden spray, the water temperature is only more than ten degrees, will make the leaf cells tense and cause wilting. In addition, the temperature of the basin soil is also very high, watering flowers with cold water and root hairs stimulated by low temperature will immediately affect the absorption function of root hairs, cause water loss and wilt the plants.

For the evergreen foliage flowers under the shade canopy, it is best to use tanned water when spraying and watering at noon. In this way, the temperature difference between water temperature and air temperature and soil temperature can be reduced, and the chlorine and bleach in the water can be released to facilitate the growth of flowers.