Flowers use too much liquid fertilizer, okay?

Published: 2024-04-25 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/04/25, Flowers use too much liquid fertilizer, okay?

No matter what it is, to a certain extent, you can't be too arbitrary and can't be random. For flowers with too thick liquid fertilizer is not good, this question, the following answer.

If the concentration of liquid fertilizer is too high, it will often lead to the withering and yellowing of flowers and leaves, and even the death of the whole plant. What is the reason for this? Because under normal circumstances, the concentration of plant root hair cell fluid is higher than that of soil solution, so the osmotic pressure of the two is different. At this time, the soil solution can constantly permeate into the root hair cells, and the root hair can absorb water and nutrients from the soil. Supply the growth and development of flowers. If the concentration of liquid fertilizer is too high (its concentration is higher than the concentration of cell fluid), the opposite phenomenon will appear, that is, the cell liquid permeates into the soil solution, which makes the root cells lose water, cause plasmolysis, and cause plant wilt and death in serious cases. The reason is similar to family pickled pickles, put salt, vegetables into the tank, before long, salt water becomes weak, vegetables become wilted. This phenomenon often occurs when the application of chemical fertilizer is too much, and a similar phenomenon will occur if retting liquid fertilizer is too thick. Therefore, the concentration of chemical fertilizer solution for potted flowers should not be too high, and it is generally appropriate to use about 0.1%. The retting liquid fertilizer should also be diluted 5 times and 10 times.